New Year Testosterone Poisoning Linkfest

Happy new year and we are now on our New Year “Testosterone Poisoning” episode! Visit our Blog Carnival page

Testosterone Poisoning
PETA is gonna go apeshit over this.
— Powerthirst 2 mock-commercial

From TV Tropes

I would like to take this chance to tahnk out fellow About-Lifters out there for your support. We are now reaching more than 1000 unique views every single day, all thanks to you!

Update, From Carnivore



So here’s how I will repay you, like what the tittle implies – we poison you with TESTOSTERONE this new year!

Matt Forney – Get Life During Peacetime in a book, THE MANOSPHERE VS. THE MAINSTREAM: PRODUCERS VS. PARASITES

Sloan, the Iron Veteran – The Other Type of HARDGAINER,A Body weight regimen that will KICK your ASS

Keoni Galt – Imputed Income Trap

John Doe is another no BULL lifter and blogger – My favorite JD article is Performance Based Nutrition, not BS-based nutrition. Why would you listen to that fat-ass who’s preaching you on how you must eat?

Chris GLL – If your cigs are smoking YOU instead of the other way around 

Victor Pride greets you a happy holidays!,  How to build a serious business

Breviary  –  Creatine Supplementation

Physioprescription – Glute Activation

There was a Christmas in WW1 when the Allied forces celebrated with the course until they were told again by the government that they had to kill each other the next day.

Carnivore – Feminized Military , Blessed Christmas 

Mangan’s – Lift for better health!

happy holidays from about lifting


Image courtesy of Zelsh, Where he tells you what can you get your loved ones this holiday season

Dude, this one”s a mind-f#cking article about the possibility of downloading the WHOLE human mind and consciousness into a virtual simulation. In the future out minds can be just copy-pasted into a computer, damn…

Jose – Drink with your father this holiday season

Heartiste – Sociopathy

Apocalypse Cometh – Should you be categorized, The Craziness will continue

Will – The Arch Druid

Cap Capitalism – Why Western Women are saving the third world men

Conflicting Views – How to tell sissy video games

So there you go, have a happy, testosterone-filled New year, fellas!!!!! Eat your eggs, people!

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