Narrow Grip to Wide Grip Bench Press – Another 30 Minute Chest Workout

Like what we discussed in the Advanced Tips article – grip variations are vital for variety and one small change in the way you grip the bar would have a great influence on how the exercise would stimulate your target muscle.

Note: This whole workout would take no more than 45 minutes to accomplish

In this post we will teach you an entire chest workout wherein you spend the whole workout just rotating grip positions the whole time.

Key Concept:  A wider grip in pressing moves makes the range of motion shorter it therefore allows you to carry heavier loads. On the other hand a narrower grip position will make the range of motion of the move longer therefore the same weight becomes more difficult to lift when you use a narrower grip than if you would utilize a wider one.

So here’s how it goes – normally you would just do 3-4 sets on flat, then on the incline, then on the decline, then an isolation move. For this workout you only need to choose one type of bench and do your entire compound work out there.

Inspirational: Check out pecs of Chuck Sipes:

chuck sipes and daughter - huge chests

Let’s say you chose the incline bench for this workout. You start with the widest grip possible. That would be a little wider than shoulder width or proper grip. Rest one minute, and then do another set with the shoulder width grip. Rest one minute again then do it with a grip a little bit narrower than shoulder grip. After another rest you will do a closer grip, the closest grip that you can.

After those 4 sets take at least 2 minutes rest then reduce the weight 10-20%. You will now start from the narrowest grip possible. You will do that for reps then upon failure, proceed to a wider grip, failure then wider grip again until you reach the widest, beyond shoulder grip from which you started from.

The total number of times you would change the width of the grip the entire time would be at least 8 times. After finishing those 8 shifts you can now proceed to your isolation exercise for the day (flyes, pec-decs, crosss-overs, etc.) then your chest day ends there.

As you can see works just like a drop set, but instead of dropping the weight, we change the position of the grip. The key concept of this is that a wider grip would allow you to carry more weight than a narrower one.

This workout accomplishes two things:

-It hits the chest at varying angles from inner or the most medial part of the pectorals to the outermost parts of the pecs.

-It gives the pecs a huge “Time-under tension” (which is very important for hypertrophy) by letting you work way beyond failure by utilizing a high intensity technique similar to drop sets.

Do this on your next chest day and tell us about it below in the comments section. Eat your eggs, people!

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4 thoughts on “Narrow Grip to Wide Grip Bench Press – Another 30 Minute Chest Workout

    1. once or 2 times would be good.
      It depends on the volume that you subject your muscles to per session.

      If you are not going to failure for example – especially if your goal is strength, you can train the muscles more than once a week

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