Factors Influencing Muscular Development

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Fitness trainers and specialists are often inquired why a particular individual develops strength and muscle quicker than another individual when both are appearing to follow similar exercises while also following the same kind of resistance training workout schedules. Most people are of the opinion that there must be something wrong in the way they are performing exercises or following a particle workout because desired results are not achieved, especially when they compare their workout results with another person. Here, it is important to note that there are unique factors that influence every person’s ability to accomplish muscular development and strength, and in most cases it is beyond one’s control over most of them.

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One of the most impressing factors on muscular development is the type of muscle fibre. An individual has two primary forms of muscle fibres, often known as, “slow twitch” and “fast twitch.” Muscle fibres that are best used during intensive cardiovascular and aerobic activities are known as slow twitch muscle fibres. Anaerobic activities use fast twitch muscle fibres. These muscle fibres help in producing greater levels of force for short bursts of time and are used during intensive resistance training activities such as weight-lifting. Men and women have an adequate collection of both slow twitch and fast twitch fibres. However, some individuals acquire a greater share of slow twitch fibres that are effective in heightening their performance and stamina actions, such as marathons and long-distance running.

Another important factor that is beyond any individual’s control is age. Research indicates that individuals of all ages can heighten the size of muscle and strength with the help of a safe and efficient resistance training schedule. However, it is important to know that the speed of intensity and muscle increase seems to be pronounced from the ages of 10 to 20, which are the years of speedy growth and maturity. Once an individual has reached normal physical adulthood, muscular enhancements do not usually come faster or as quickly as expected.

On the other hand, gender can greatly influence the quantity of muscular enhancement but, however, does not affect the quality of muscle. Characteristically, muscle tissue in men and women are the same; men generally have greater muscle tissue than women because the size of a man’s muscle is enhanced due to the presence of testosterone in males.

All the above factors greatly impress one’s ability in gaining strength and developing muscles through strength training. Further to employing good lifting techniques, it is crucially imperative that an individual not only trains with intensity on a well-developed schedule, but also gives the muscles enough resting time between training sessions. One of the most common mistakes that people make is to over train; this can take place not only when the muscles are not given enough rest, but also when a training is done with far too many sets and exercises for every muscle group.

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