Bodybuilding Contests are just Like Ms. Universe

With the Ms. Universe just reaching its conclusion, there isn’t a better time to discuss this issue of Bodybuilding not being a sport but a pageant – Like you know… Ms. Universe!


France won, Philippines was the host and home-team kinda messed up in the Q and A, that’s what I know. Hey, don’t ask me any questions about Ms. Universe because I don’t know Shit about pageants and I don’t really follow its events, histories whatsoever. In fact I just heard about it, when the whole world already knew who was finally crowned.

It’s just so nice to watch some of the hottest women in the world get together in one place. I really appreciate those curves and almost Goddess – like proportions like hundreds of Aphrodites came down to Earth – its female aesthetics at its best – and yes beauty matters unlike what ugly feminists lead you to think.

In fact I couldn’t care less about “Beauty and Brains” shit

It’s either you’re hot or PLAIN. In worst cases you’re “not”. The hottest girl should win and it’s as easy as that (well at least for me).

Who cares if they aren’t that “smart” I couldn’t care less about women being “smart” – it’s not important for women to become smart-ass bitches especially when they get too damn annoying.

If anything it should be “Beauty and CHARACTER”

Who needs a smart ass wife who has a degree but couldn’t cook, leave your kids filthy, couldn’t clean and has a bad mouth? Women like that don’t really deserve to get commitment and support even from the worst guy on Earth.

Well, now let’s talk about bodybuilding – many keyboard duels have ensued because of this issue – some guys would say that it’s a sport then Power lifter dude would comment that NO it’s just like a pageant… and well, you know what happens next.

The question is where were you when stuff like that happens? Some of you might say that they defend the “sport” of bodybuilding and type lines like “You fucking go to hell you big bellied 50% bodyfat psycho!” or something like that. Because hey; the guys upset you, right?

But honestly where I am in those kind of arguments – I am pretty much behind my keyboard, eating my popcorn reading all the stupid comments and funny hatefulness like watching two toddlers fighting over a lollipop.

Let’s face it: Bodybuilding competitions are just like Pageants, comparable to Ms. Universe

It’s the same – it’s about “aesthetics” ratio and proportion, etc; it’s also subjective – you won’t really have 100% objectivity about who’s going to win – if the judges thought Heath, or Coleman looked horrible they would never have become Mr. Olympia and you cannot go back and dispute the decision like in Basketball for instance where you can watch the replay and review whether the ball really went in on time before the buzzer or not.

The Catch: Bodybuilding competitions are not like Powerlifting meets, or Strongman Events where there is an objective criteria for winning.

In a nutshell Bodybuilding competitions are Pageants for Men – too bad they don’t have Q and A portions (just kidding).

But does that mean that I think Bodybuilding competitions suck? Quite the opposite – I really love (not the “sport”) the art of it. Whatever period it is; be those freaky Dorian-Coleman types to those Grecian Godlike Zane– I love them all! But we all just have to accept it for what it really is, don’t we?


I am not one of those who love to pretend bodybuilding is a “sport” but the conditioning and the “lifestyle” is what interests me more. You may not compete but if you live by the bodybuilding code of discipline, you will surely get whatever you want in life – that’s how remarkable bodybuilding is (although it’s still NOT a SPORT).
It may not be a sport, but it is more than that – It is life, a way of Living – It’s the “DO” in martial arts!

And those of you who go online and argue with strangers that Bodybuilding is a “sport” – boy, you better get a more useful hobby, maybe do something more important, or better yet, focus on conditioning your OWN physique – how does that sound?

Eat your eggs, A-Lifters!

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