A Very Simple NO BS Way to Get You Motivated to Lift Weights Again (After Slacking off for So Long)

So what the hell do you do when you slack off for a day, and the days turned to weeks, then weeks turned to months – then you just woke up one day and realized:

“Oh…my…GOD!! I haven’t Trained for YEAR!!!”

Missing a training session is like a trap; each session you miss is like digging a pit that goes deeper and deeper until you cannot climb it anymore. What usually happens when it’s already so deep is that you make up stupid excuses to yourself why you cannot just lift today and you will “definitely” start climbing again next week or tomorrow. Then off course, tomorrow never seems to come, does it?

And then this is when you start asking yourself “How do I get myself motivated again?”

This is when it’s really hopeless; you just don’t “feel” like training and you feel like the situation is just never correct or the planets haven’t yet aligned for them to allow you to train again. But then you know deep inside that you need to get back to lifting, but how?

You see, we are really never the “same” person. When you work out your mind set is different than when you are not training. When you are not lifting weights you seem to be “happier” or more content just slacking around and wasting time during your free time – even though you always tell yourself that you simply “don’t have TIME to lift”.

YOU in your Slacking off mode are full of Sh¡t (that includes me in my slacking off mode). You, when you’re slacking off are not the same man when you are in your “kickass in the weight room” mode.

Here’s what you look like when you want to kick ass in the weight room:

branch warren


When you’re slacking off, you’re satisfied letting your progress down the drain. You don’t care; you are happier just sleeping, watching TV or going out with friends. First you think it is okay; you only missed a few sessions.

But when few comes to a few months off, you simply don’t care anymore and you become alright with telling yourself that it’s more fun just slacking off for now – until “for now” becomes “forever”.

Sometimes you even tell yourself some sh¡t like “I am just recovering” or your body needs a time off for “more progress”. Crap, crap, CRAP!!

Although you haven’t really burned yourself out and even if you kinda did – let us be honest here “You are just making up dumb excuses”.

When you are slacking off you make dumb decisions sound intelligent by rationalizing things; don’t worry, it’s not just you, or me, everyone does this. It’s called “defence mechanism”:

A defence mechanism is a coping technique that reduces anxiety arising from unacceptable or potentially harmful impulses. Defence mechanisms are unconscious and are not to be confused with conscious coping strategies. Sigmund Freud was one of the first proponents of this construct.

Too much defence mechanism isn’t healthy; you know that, I know that, even your mother knows that! What you need to do now is simply END it right now if it’s getting too much.

You see, the mere fact that you yourself are asking how you can get yourself motivated again is enough evidence that it wasn’t right that you were deluding yourself all along.

But on the bright side, isn’t it a good thing that at least you still care enough to ask yourself that question? Yes indeed!

Good news is that as much as I disagree with letting your body go, the fact is that those who slacked off actually have an advantage over those who are just starting out. So it’s not true that getting back into lifting is like starting over again, NO! It’s WAY easier!

When you’ve been lifting for a while your body actually stores your progress in form of muscle memory. This is evidenced by the increased number of muscle cell nuclei present and off course when you stop training for a while your strength and the actual size of your muscles decrease, but the extra nuclei you have formed actually stays more or less maintained thus this gives you more advantage when you start training again so you’d notice that you are able to return to your previous level faster than when you started out (more on that on THIS article).

And going back to the question of what to do to get yourself motivated; are there any sort of new-age mantras I can teach you? Is there any scientific space age sh¡t that you can do to be able to finally get motivated again?

The answer is no!!

Ain’t no such things and there ain’t no easy fixes – I will not kid you around on that! No fancy sh¡t you can say to yourself every 15 minutes to get you motivated again – I am sure though that somewhere someone makes thousands of dough “motivating” people.

Because in reality, what you need to do to get yourself motivated to train again is VERY simple:

Just LIFT once – again!

If you want to call it “work out” fine! Then WORK OUT – EVEN JUST ONCE!

Don’t think about if you can maintain it etc., for now; don’t think about anything fancy; simply go to the gym, go to the effing weight room and hit the iron!

  • You don’t need to pay the whole year or the whole month so that you will be forced to “stick” with it…
  • You don’t need to commit to any workout partner so you will feel bad about cancelling the session (because you will end up cancelling with or without him anyways)…
  • You don’t need a fancy “mantra” to tell yourself every 15 minutes just to get you to “feel’ like hitting the iron again…
  • You don’t need to follow any special “stimulating” diet…
  • You don’t need to withdraw from sex for a month so you will have energy to train…
  • You don’t need to buy any expensive supplements so that you will be forced to start training again…
  • You don’t need some special guru to get you fired up before you can “work-out” again! (who will charge you a thousand per session)…
  • You don’t need to hire a personal guru for that matter…
  • You don’t even need to plan out the workout or training session…

All you need to do is right AFTER reading this, hard boil 5 or something eggs (if you don’t have eggs now then do without it lest you turn it into another excuse), fill up 1.5 litters of drinking water in a jug, then go somewhere, anywhere; as long as there’s weights!!

Just pay for the day if you need to, you don’t need to wait till you can pay for the month. Just hit the damn weights for the day and do all of your favorite exercises and lifts! HECK, you can even let yourself go now and train for two hours even if it would be normally counterproductive – in this case the advantage of setting your momentum will definitely outweigh the disadvantage.

Take it ONE DAY AT A TIME, boy!

Hell; all you need to do now is rejuvenate your iron spirit! Nuff said!

Try it out, just lift for once and break the cycle of laziness. And once you finish that ONE session – after that, you will mostly likely find yourself training every week, or pretty much on a regular basis.

Anything you haven’t done for a while always feels like hell to drag your feet into, UNTIL you are actually doing it!

When you haven’t lifted for a while it’s the same thing; your body will get used to all the domestication and laziness that you will just never find the drive to go to the gym anymore. BUT once you finally get to do it, the passion just goes back.

It’s like a kid who is about to get a flu shot. Before his doctor would administer the shot to him he would yell and scream in terror but after he actually gets it, he would realize that it doesn’t really hurt at all. He may even go about bragging to his friends that he just got a shot and he never felt any pain.

So I was right to say that all you need to do is DO IT!

If after that session, you still cannot get yourself back to lifting, then there is something wrong somewhere else. If that’s the case then only you can help “you”, not me, not your mother, not your girlfriend, and especially not any self-help book.

Take note that this principle is more effective the more experienced you already are. For those of you who have never lifted weights before but want to get “motivated” to get started; the same thing still applies, just get a good regimen that you can work with (I wrote a basic beginner’s regimen just for that) then just freakin’ hell get off your lazy ass and start the damn training!

Training will get you motivated to train – that’s the stone cold truth! Eat your eggs, people!

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