Pull up till you drop – Offer Some Bad Ass Chins for Memorial Day

memorial day ww2 GI on mokeybars

Today why don’t we offer some bad ass pull ups for the men who died serving the country? Because prayers are good and are appreciated, but suffering a bit in the pull up bars is a great tribute to the brave men who you will never beat in chin ups!

There are just three things that make life worth living: 1) Family 2) Love and 3) Some Bad ass Pullups!

Note: This post is dedicated to the war veterans who also did countless Chin ups and pull ups as part of their military training. A Blessed Memorial day and we salute you all brave men and women of the past and the present!

Pull ups are great and defines men from children. If you were in the same hood I’m from you might have been challenged into a pull up competition and it would be by no accident that you will find several monkey bars around the park.

A classic photo of world war 2 GIs crossing a monkey bar obstacle IN FULL BATTLE GEAR. Think you are as fit as a WW2 GI?

memorial day ww2 GI on mokeybars


Pull ups are not for the faint of heart and those who could not even pull up their own bodyweight need not apply. You would need to settle with weight assisted pull up machines if that’s the case with you until you become accustomed to just bodyweight pulllups or until you lose some slabs of fat and that’s only after a rigorous training and diet regimen!

Now for those who are fit to pull their own weights I have a challenge for you:



Now it’s not literally an endless session of pull-ups –this is actually quite a scientific way to do some seemingly endless pull-ups. And if you have read the basic training regimen before, you would probably have seen this somewhere in the back day.

This is actually one of the very first basic stuff that was taught to me by one of the weight room trainer with whom I have been friends with. He told me to do some 50 chin ups I was like “WHAT???!”.

But then this is how it works:

1) You set a target amount of reps, lets say 40,50,100 reps! You decide!

2) Then you go up to the bar, remember to prepare some kind of a stool or a platform beneath your feet you can push yourself up and spot yourself with (for later use).

3) Then you proceed to do as many chin ups as you can – don’t lose count.

4) You will inevitably reach for failure BEFORE your target reps – IF you did NOT reach failure and was able to complete your target rep count – increase your target or put some weights on your waist. Then proceed to step 5.

5) Now you must be exhausted, don’t worry rest up for a maximum of 1 minute.

6) So let’s say your target was 50 reps and you were able to do 25 – then go up and do some more start counting from where you left off.

7) Rest whenever you reach NEGATIVE failure. Which means you should push yourself back up again whenever you cannot pull yourself up anymore but lower your body carefully – now you got yourself some NEGATIVES torture!

Every time you think you cannot make one more rep – Think about the WW2 GIs above who can singlehandedly do 100 chins non-stop and also died for your country – Do you wish to disappoint them?


8) Continue this cycle until your each your target reps. It doesn’t matter how many pit stops you took to reach it – I am sure no matter how many times you rested, your back should be on fire by then and all primed up for growth.

Now there you have it! Some simple 8 steps of torture chin up or pull-up till you drop! This can be augmented perfectly to your back day or better yet on days when you ALMOST gave yourself and excuse that you cannot train that day because of blah blah blah! So you cannot go to the gym today? Do some 100 pull ups at home (or in the park instead)!

Till next time, a blessed Memorial Day to all! Eat your eggs, and DO SOME CHINS, A-Lifters!

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