How Massage Therapy Prevents Post-Workout Injuries

Massage Therapy

Individuals looking for ways to ease their exercise-caused issues should pay attention to the massage therapy. It is actually more beneficial and more successful than most of you believe and it even offers certain advantages you wouldn’t normally expect. But, how it actually helps?

The effect regular massage has on the human body

The human body consists mostly of muscles. When we exercise, we put the muscles in overdrive. As such, they will need to be in top form in order to withstand this type of stress. Regular massage eliminates tension from the muscles, meaning that they will be better prepared for the stress ahead them. It is important to know that massages 3-4 times per week will have this effect, but 2 times per week is minimum.

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bodybuilder getting a massage therapy

Massage therapy also reduces the risk of muscle strains and tears. Tears stand for damages of muscle fiber (muscle cells). In simple words, massage will make muscles more resilient to the damages and make muscle fiber stronger or better said more elastic.

Improving circulation is another benefit here. With a better circulation, our muscles will get more nutrients and more oxygen. In essence, muscles will be more productive and capable of a faster recovery. Eliminating oxygen and nutrients will force the muscles in overdrive when it isn’t actually needed. They will have to be more active just to acquire all the nutrients and oxygen needed.

We all know that massage affects and eliminates back pain. When a person suffers from back pain and still decides to exercise, an injury is probable! Let’s just say that our back is not capable of withstanding the pressure and stress which is mandatory during a workout. Back pain relief is one of the most important benefits massages have to offer! By solving the issue in question, you will be able to exercise longer and also to protect your back from any, possible injury.

Massage is especially important for post-workout recovery

After each workout, our body, muscles, and joints specifically will need some time to recover. Depending on the gender, age and intensity of a workout, this period of time can be anywhere between 10 and 72 hours. Although, the average time is 48 hours.

Massage will speed up the recovery, by providing all the benefits we mentioned earlier. Keep in mind that injuries are possible even after the workout! If a muscle doesn’t get stress relief when needed and it doesn’t have nutrients and oxygen, an injury will likely occur.

It must be mentioned that massage therapy has an additional effect and benefit to the human body, to the muscles more precisely. When you perform strength exercises, you will cause inflammation, which is a direct response of the stress muscles had to withstand. Inflammation is just a beginning. Furthermore, it will cause tearing muscle fibers and muscle soreness. Massage therapy also eliminates the inflammatory. In some people, it will reduce it significantly; in others, it will eliminate it completely. Still, it is the best way to protect your muscles from inflammatory. Frequent massage will even reduce the inflammatory the next time you exercise.

The last, but not least fact which deserves your attention is the massaging the tissues surrounding muscles. In essence, they can protect the muscles and promote their performance. At the same time, they can be responsible for additional injuries. Massage eliminates this issue as well.

Massage therapy is essential for athletes and ordinary people

Here we can see one of the most common mistakes most of us make daily! They believe that a massage therapy is essential only for beginners and those who exercise rarely. In a matter of fact, exercise is mandatory for all individuals, regardless of how long they have been exercising and the intensity of a workout.

In general, muscles of an athlete and an ordinary person are the same, but those of an athlete can provide more energy for a longer period of time. Still, they need more oxygen and nutrients in order to provide better performances! Massage therapy here comes to a huge importance. By improving the nutrient/oxygen absorption, it reduces the risk of an injury.

The bottom line here is simple. Ordinary people exercise less because their muscles are adapted to this regime; athletes exercise more because their muscles are capable of providing extra energy. But, at the end of a day, all of them suffer from injuries during or after a workout.

The final word

Massage therapy will improve circulation in your muscles, reduce inflammation, speed up their recovery and also prevent damages caused by the muscles fibers directly.  All you have to do is to get a massage therapy a few times per week. Ideally, you would have a regular massage therapy and post-workout therapy as well. Combined, they are the best protection from all injuries associated with the workouts.

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