Lifting Weights for Scoliosis

So what should you do if you have some mild Dextroscoliosis or any back problem, high risk for Osteoporosis, etc?


Let me tell you why

The more prone you are to back problems the stronger the muscles of your back need to be. This is a photo of the anatomy of muscles that make up the back particularly the lower back region.

Anatomy of the back

Those muscles exist for movement and to support the spine:

And one more thing by the way:

I MYSELF have congenital Dextroscoliosis.

My father noticed it from one of my college entrance Xrays- it indicated that one of the bones in my lower back are a little bit misaligned to the right. It’s not as worse as this though:

Mine was only a mild one.

Actually it never bothered me at that time- maybe because I was always athletic even in high school from when I was 15 when developed my posterior musculature – perhaps that is why I never felt it.

It showed up in the xray for our athletics team annual checkup. I had to get back for a special consultation. I even pleaded the physician not to fail my test since I needed the scholarship. Thankfully he just recommended me to do back exercises often and do stretches- which I did. He passed me.

So what did I do from then on?

HEAVY DEADLIFTS! Yes! Nothing strengthens the lower back better than deadlifts.

scoliotic Deadlifts

That was Lamar Gant on deadlifts

At first I had to use lighter weight to get used to it. But once I hit 12 reps- I rev up the weight till I was doing 300s in no time and the rest was history.

I never really liked deadlifts in the beginning but soon it became my favorite exercise. There is no other lift that rivals “deadlifts” in simplicity and utility- no racks whatsoever just a plain loaded barbell which you must lift from the ground up- simple enough to be loved.

The deadlift is supposed to be done with less than 10 reps; but if you have a back problem- you must first get some checkup off course before working out at all – in case some idiot missed out on that quote so don’t tell me I didn’t recommend you go seeing a physician first

And if you are worrying about that back problem- then get used to it first by doing some 10-15 reps for your first month (off course with doctor’s approval – a doctor who knows shit about sports, hopefully). Then once you developed some foundation; rev up your back strengthening program by staying below the 10 rep range. But remember that lowering your reps will require you to add one more sets which will require you to do 6-10 reps for at least 4 sets instead of 3 sets with 15 reps.
Note:  5-6 reps is actually more preferable

Another thing: Doing full deadlifts, you must keep your back staright from start to finish- you bend your legs not your back- refer to Lamar’s lift above.

Doing deadlifts will not only protect your back from injuries- it will also improve your posture. Having back problems and not having strong back muscles to support your bones will surely lead to trouble. Take a look at this guy; he is definitely not making any excuses:

Scoliotic lamar gant

That guy, Lamar Gant- deadlifts 500 pounds for fun! And oh; he weights less than 200 pounds (He set his first world record in 1974 at age fifteen by deadlifting 525 pounds at a bodyweight of 123 pounds). I don’t think he worries too much about his “back problem” does he?
Now if you haven’t noticed deadlifts are actually included into your basic program.  Now get up and do some heavy sets of deadlifts! Eat your eggs, people!

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