Doing the HOLY MOTHER of WORKOUTS After an Hour of Basketball

Can I get ripped by only doing bench press, deadlifts and squats after an hour of basketball? (a question that someone asked me)

My diet is pretty clean. I am not looking to bbasketballulk up or anything. I just want my body to function well when playing basketball.

UPDATE: I play basketball for 1 hour and devote 20 minutes to each of the three workouts. I follow this routine 5 days a week.

UPDATE 2: I devote 20 minutes to each workout. A total of 1 hour for all three. Sorry if my grammar confused you.

All hail the Holy trinity of Lifting!

The Father – Deadlifts

The Son – Presses

And the Holy Spirit – Squats

Thus is the holy family of all workouts, you are applying each and every one of them? GOOD FOR YOU and we can pretty much assure that the Gods of lifting will be smiling unto you.

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But there are things you need to keep in mind.

1) WATER – An hour of basketball will pretty much put your body in a dehydrated state, therefore you must drink a lot of fluids before you begin lifting

2) GLYCOGEN – An hour of serious playing will also consume your body’s energy stores – which mean the glycogen would most probably be depleted. Glycogen is your body’s stored carbohydrates that it often uses for extra energy. Your body needs glycogen for executing high intensity multi joint movements especially the explosive ones.

Why is this important? I just want to get RIPPED!!

Well it is important. Because it means that your body will not be able to perform at an optimum level when you lift. Remember that we are not talking about doing some single-joint movements here. We are talking about the holy LIFTS! The Holy lifts are multi joint moves and these require your body to consume glycogen to fuel intense reps – without glycogen stores your lifting performance will be limited therefore limiting the results that you will get as well.

BTW: If you play basketball, I know that vertical jump is important. I have read numerous “gurus” on increasing vertical jump but the only book that delivers is the classic, Jump Manual.

Check this page out and get some free tips as well from the author himself, Jacob Hiller and learn how to increase your vertical jump now in a few simple steps.

 jump manual


Remember that what causes you to get ripped is the adaptive response of your body to the intensity of your lifts. If your lifts are “just right” it’s not gonna work! You would rather go straight home after practice if your lifts will be “JUST RIGHT”!

So to fix this you need a source of quick and easy carbs after practice.
This is where carb-loaded sports-drinks like Gatorade comes in. the dextrose content in these drinks will resupply you with necessary energy you will need in your lifting bouts.

3) PROTEIN – You will definitely need some protein to fuel your workouts and muscle repair. You should take some convenient source of protein after practice like hardboiled eggs or whey protein.

4) RECOVERY TIME – After practice you don’t want to jump straight to the weight room. Give yourself at least half an hour to recover (or even 20 minutes) and take in your post-basketball meal (your water, carb and protein) and coffee (coffee has been proven to increase lifting performance). You can even take a warm shower first if you like – followed by a very COLD bath after lifting weights!

Keep in mind that this setup is only good if you are not really looking for optimal size gains with your lifts.

Otherwise I would just recommend that you lift at a separate time of the time or another day entirely – that is to maximize the body’s recovery potential. Remember that working out is just the stimulus for muscle growth, the rest would depend on “recovery” and how you spend the rest of your time outside of the gym that is by eating right and giving your body enough room to recover.

You might have been surprised that we did not talk about “calories” and how many calories are consumed by squats, blah, blah, blah

that is because your purpose when you lift is to ramp up the adaptive response to muscular development. Once that takes place your newfound muscle tone will consume calories for maintenance. Better yet the requirements for muscle growth and testosterone is guess what…CHOLESTEROL and fats! So therefore your body actually uses up tons of your body’s flabs just to repair and develop your muscle and no amount of calorie counting and long winded steady state cardio-while-listening-to-iPad (CWLTI – yes I invented that) can do that!

Hope that helps! Don’t forget to EAT YOUR EGGS, PEOPLE!!

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