Lifters Need Real Food

Big boys: lift big, lift hard, play hard – need big time quality foods. I am not talking about some high end supplements that cost hundreds of dollars, nor am I talking about some “New age” diet plans here.

What I am talking about is simple: Real, home cooked foods – that’s it!

Look at the world today: fast-foods, mothers not cooking anymore, families eating in front of the TV or worse: in the car. All with chemical-ridden, artificial, preserved feeds which are designed to make man’s body vulnerable and dependent to health care.

You think Krabby patties, the ones that can kill you, are not real? Think again!

unhealthy crabby patty
People live like this these days, they don’t even make an effort to eat “normal” foods (which are becoming “abnormal” now) but worse; they complain why they aren’t getting any results from gym or any exercise regimen that they are in.

Now I know that people are generally more afraid of “getting ugly” than “dying” – as the cigarettes that have warnings of cancer and hideous photos still sold but the ones that have “smoking will make you ugly” hardly got sales. So if you don’t care about you health; at least do this for your progress in the gym.

Ladies, fitness is a 50/50 effort between the gym and lifestyle. If your diet sucks your result will also suck.

A simple commitment can make wonders, try this: from now on, you will only eat real, unprocessed, home cooked foods. No more driving to Mc Donald’s for dinner, lunch, etc. if you are going to work make it an effort to prepare your packed lunch before you leave, or better yet, have your wife prepare it for you. Starbucks is ok though as long as you only buy the coffee and not the sweets.
Change things at home especially if you are the bread winner. NO more eating in front of the TV, everyone will be at the dining table and will eat together after saying praise. I grew up like this and I am sure most of you did – and it was good, and you know it. So why are you depriving your children of this valuable life experience which can change them for the better?
So let this post stand both as a statue and as a challenge for you. Eat your eggs, people!

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