Lift Now And Die in a Bad-Ass Body – This Session could be your LAST

I remember the time when my wife and kids needed to go out of town with my in-laws to visit a family member to offer condolences. At that I also had some commitments at work so obviously I needed to stay – although I could actually have filed an emergency leave and reasoned that an immediate family died but I didn’t. The reason: Yeah it would have been quite a bit of work and hassle, not to mention a loss of some paid bonuses. But actually the main thing that went through my mind was:

A week of worrying about nothing else but lifting weights, eating and then sleeping – Why the hell not!

You see, I just kind of missed that part of being a bachelor lifter when you don’t worry about nothing but the stuff that you want to – with me at least that was “lifting”. I never partied much I would rather spend my time inside the weight room then later on recovering and eating foods I love – some heavy muscle building meals to be exact! No commitment, no need to tell no one that you will just be gone for an hour or two, no one going to the gym looking for you when it takes you so long, just an uninterrupted period of time when all you do is lift (off course I go to work, but after that I was on my own).

At that point I cherished each and every session like it was my last!

Since today or tomorrow, my wife and kids would be back, and that’s back to good ol’ family guy life. You might think it’s weird but if you love iron as much as I do (not to be mistaken with iron supplements!) then you would feel the same way.

But make no mistake! I love my wife and my family like nothing else in the world – but a little alone time with me, myself, my body, and lifting is a very welcome guest once in a while.

But that made me realize one thing:

Any lifting and training session could LITERALLY be the LAST

You see all the guys walking by the streets and just died? What if that was me, and what if I didn’t take my last session seriously? That would not be a good thing for my soul to remember in the afterlife.

But would I be able to take my body to afterlife? Well that’s the EFFING POINT, DUH!!

I wouldn’t be able to take my body till the afterlife well might as well take care of it and condition it to the best that I can while I am still here on Earth (inside my “earthly” body)!

So all in all the, best reason why you should lift NOW is this:

If you’d die sooner than later, you would love to die in your best shape ever!!

Just you, yourself, sitting in the beach – after lifting weights, alone!:

John Grimek sitting


I don’t know about you but I agree when one says that it’s sweetest to die in your most beautiful form – which is more than enough reason for ol’ farts to lift weights, by the way! It will be better to look good in your casket and I think anyone will agree to that (let’s hope that you will die in one piece as much as possible).

With all the useless stuff that you do on a day to day basis, give yourself a break and lift now; and lift like the session is your last. Each hour you spend sculpting your body is never a wasted time, and lifting rewards you more than anything else you can do with your free time.

Well, in my case I tend to allot this “free time” for lifting – beats lying around for sure. And besides; after you lift weights lying around will even be beneficial for your recovery!

Yes, I do value my family, love, God, and my soul more than anything else (not to mention I value money and finances as well) – but wouldn’t lifting weights pretty much have positive direct and indirect benefits to these as well?

Family: For one you wouldn’t want to be seen by your kids and your family as an example of someone who doesn’t take care of his body. It’s a fact that possessing a kick ass body will make you a stronger image for your family and kids as someone who is to be respected and can take care of them and defend them. Naysayers might say nay but they are just lying, and dishonest idiots and want to mislead you so you can just spend your life as a weakling and become easier to control (and beat).

Money: Lifting weights and being in good bad ass shape will make you attract better fortune and will impress the hell out of most people you want to impress in your career and business. Lifting weights will pump up your hormone levels for the better leaving you hungry to accomplish stuff and make you confident therefore you will find more success in the “money department” when you regularly lift weights as opposed to when you don’t.

And think about this: if two people propose to you, one is big and confident and the other one looks weak and sounds like a lame-ass twerp; even if the latter’s idea seems better would you really take the former’s proposal less seriously? Be honest!

And with the spirituality and the “God” department I think we all know that God wants you to lift weights in the first place. And at least for me, lifting weights seem to offer that opportunity for inner peace and meditation thus I always leave the gym more enlightened and less stressed.

I actually feel more “spiritual” after coming out from the weight room than after coming out from church

So the next time you lift weights and you “don’t feel like it” think for a second that it could be your last opportunity to grind the pedal to the metal. Give it your all and for God sakes DO NOT miss the training session!

God speed and you all have a long life! Go Forth and MULTIPLY! Eat your eggs, people!

What do you think? Any comments and any stuff you want to add? Please add them below in the comments section and please do not hesitate to share this with a friend, especially if you think that it could be his last very soon (lol).

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