The Lord Awaits Your Transformation – Go Forth and GROW this Lenten Season

Mr Punch - Muscular high church curate

Not much to say in this Holy day of Maundy Thursday. I know not many of you A-Lifters recognize this day as such and perhaps most of you won’t even know what the hell I am talking about. So I am going to tell you a little about it.

Holy week or Lent is observed in a select week every year. Usually this is the last week of March or at the first week of April – depends on when it falls in the Catholic calendar.

This is the day when Christians meditate upon the death of Jesus Christ, from Holy Monday up to Good Friday leading to Black Saturday and then Easter Sunday (that I know all of you are aware off).

But this week is not about Bunnies and eggs – it’s not even about “death” per say. This week is about Meditation and “growth”.

This week we meditate upon life and how we can make a change. In the words of Priests and Curates “We meditate upon following the footsteps of our Lord, Jesus Christ”.

But it is not important whether you believe that Christ is Man or Divine – that is not the question. It makes no difference; this day is special in its own way and is designed to help people find “inner peace” and make a change, a positive change.

As an example: part of this celebration (as we have discussed in a past Holy week special) is the partial fasting that Catholics practice.

We have established that this partial fast is also a great way for us, lifters to “shock” our dietary system from the monotonous pattern that our bodies have been so used to. If your diet is already failing to give you the results that you long for: then it is a good idea indeed to practice these partial fasts so to cleanse your body’s nutritive memory (if there is even such a term). And that is not to mention that “fasting” in itself is a great idea and has many health benefits (including fat burning).

So in that we are lead to the conclusion that this week is all about:


Breaking monotony is very VERY important for lifters and athletes and even for life in general.

Breaking monotony is important in training – and diet which is a part of a lifter’s training. Yes I know that you need to get those 5 slices of lean beef every 3 or 4 hours every day. But as established earlier, monotony is a poison to achieving results; in life or in training.

Monotony means that “challenge” is eliminated from the equation since your system is just so used to it.

Eliminating “challenge” is also eliminating “growth” and development. Plain and simple – eliminating growth is not what you desire for progress.

Even if a diet pattern seems perfect, even if a routine that you do everyday is the most pristine and the most “elite” of all the elite – if It gets monotonous for a very long time, it becomes useless. That is the same reason why there is NO SUCH thing as a “perfect” diet plan or a perfect routine in the first place.

So the goal of this season is to meditate and break monotony – the purpose of that is to give room for “growth”.

That is why this Priest is so muscular – he meditates everyday:

Mr Punch - Muscular high church curate


I know that we are all focused on the physical aspect of “growth” but observing the tenets of this season will undoubtedly extend that up to the spiritual level – which is a perfect bonus if you ask me. This week, break the monotony, meditate and spend time with your loved ones away from all your gadgets.

So I hope you youngsters of this day observe this very beautiful season – because the Lord wants us all to GROW!

The Lord awaits your Growth and Transformation!

Till next time, eat your eggs and have a meaningful Lent and Holy Week, A-Lifters!

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