A Very Simple Trick to fix Body Symmetry Issues and Bring up Your Lagging Side


There is a very weird and NOT EXACTLY no-brainer trick I came up with which will help you alleviate imbalances with lagging sides of muscular development. Yup – it’s so simple it involves mundane stuff you do on a day to day basis.

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I already explained before that there is NO way for anyone to get perfect 100% symmetry. There is no way that your left and right arms will be of the same size down to the very last millimeter! But there are many methods to bring up a lagging side though – but of all of them I am sure you have NEVER heard of this:


What the hell does that mean? Assuming you are right-handed:

– It means that you will carry your shopping bags (most likely your GIRLFRIEND’S Shopping bags) with your LEFT hand from now on

– If you always strap your bag on your right shoulders, you will now strap it on your LEFT shoulders

-When you are going to grab something, you grab it with your left hand

– If you are gonna smack someone in the kisser use your left fist! (Just follow up with the right hand – one, two!)

-Hold the remote control with your left hand

-Brush your Teeth with your left hand

-When you drink, drink using your left hand

-Need to scratch your balls? Scratch using your left hand (But don’t shake hands with me with that!)

-and so on…

I even went so far that I now eat holding my spoon on my left hand for two decades already (but I am right handed). People notice it and they think I am a leftie. I needed to get accustomed with my left side for martial arts thus I tried to do everything with my left hand, including eating.

Martial arts is not like boxing; in boxing, if you are right handed you will train and fight using orthodox position (or southpaw if you are left handed) all the way – and for a good reason. In martial arts you will train with both sides given equal attention, in my sensei’s case he always made us to do the drills for our non-dominant side FIRST!

That was when I started experimenting in doing as much stuff as I can with my left hand, – the “leftist” approach so to speak. As you can see I went a little too hardcore and even changed the way I ate forever (now I feel funny when I hold a spoon with my right hand), you don’t really need to go that far for this but if you can and are willing to, then it’ll definitely a plus!

You can even try to wipe your ass with your left hand which would be very VERY hard core!

The only purpose of this is to get you to use your “weak” or lagging side as much as possible and believe me; it will really help you in your quest for balance and proportion.

This goes deeper than developing more strength with your left side

The main purpose of this activity is to get your body to form more neuro muscular “connections” with your left side. You see, every time you learn some new skill or do something new; your brain quickly adapts and changes its wirings and neural firing pattern or whatever they call it. The result is your brain actually creates more neural connections to body parts that you need with your newfound skill or activity.

The process of using your mostly under-used non dominant side will somehow force you brain to adapt so that your left-side moves will eventually feel more “natural” and automatic– this is the effect of it creating more “connections” that we were talking about earlier.

The more accustomed you become with using you non-dominant side, the more neuromuscular connections you have on that side – equals to more growth on your lagging parts!

Your brain literally “grows” and develops, in effect – you will improve your motor skills on your left side. This rewards your training and symmetry two fold; your left side will be stronger since you have forced your brain to augment motor activity to your left side – thus your left side will never lag too much behind your right.

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We can also assume that these improved neural connections will lead to more growth among the muscle groups on your left-side but we don’t have any studies that indicate that as of this moment (if you know one please let us know in the comments section).

However it has been observed that some severe growth lag among some people are due to nerve problems – thus we have reason to believe that training your brain to develop better motor connections with a certain body part can lead to better muscular development, whether directly or indirectly.

This will take discipline:

This practice is not a mere “program” – this is something that will only work if you can make a part of your life. But the rewards will be immense for those who will be able to amass the discipline to pull this off. Not only will this help your overall symmetry, this will also literally exercise your brain. Some even say that this activity can make you smarter but off course that would be way beyond the premise of this post.

This will be hell for the first few days but make it a habit:

The most useful thing that our dean of college of nursing has taught us is that doing something new takes discipline and excruciating willpower for the first 20 days but after that it simply becomes a “habit”. Although 21 days is not accurate as this myth only started with Dr Maxwell Maltz when he stated that it took a “minimum” of 21 days for an activity to become a habit. The problem is that self-help gurus started to remove the word “minimum” and instead mislead people by saying they only need to commit for 21 days. The truth is that studies imply that the average timeline for an action to become “automatic” averages at around 66 days of consistent practice.

So all in all commitment is really an important thing and if you are not up to sacrificing at least 2 months for this then there is no sense in starting this in the first place. And surely that goes for ANYTHING at all in life.

It will feel weird:

I will have to admit, the first few weeks will feel weird and awkward. The seemingly automatic stuff you used to do will now require active mental involvement and inevitably you are going to MESS UP- but that’s okay! Earlier I tried to shave with my left hand – which I have NEVER done before, got to admit I almost wounded my face but it wasn’t that bad. It will definitely challenge your active coordination but that’s the whole point.

Conscious active coordination is literally a mental exercise, call it a MENTAL SQUAT! It is very challenging for your brain but in the process of doing so your brain grows which means it generates more neuromuscular connections which will improve motor coordination with the non-dominant side of your body. This will not only help the left side catch up in performance but will also create more room for growth and muscular development.

I hope you will get to practice this one piece of advice and make it a part of your life. It will not only help your left side chest pose look just as impressive, but it will turn you into an Omni dexterous beast! At least when your right hand gets cut off you will still be able to function with ease, but God forbid!

Please share your experience; have you ever tried this weird practice before? Eat your eggs, people!

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