Killer Leg Workout – 1 Hour Workout for a Week of Pain

“Leg workouts must be brutal to be effective” – I am a firm believer of that. So now let me give you a 100% anabolic killer leg workout that is going to bust your ass off and for an hour of stimulation (or less) you will get a week of pain!

Personally, right now I prefer to make my lower body into an “explosive”, functional (in the words of some trainers) body part. If you are the same and you want more explosiveness in your legs kindly follow my Ironthumb Vertical jump training regimen here and incorporate most of those explosive workouts into your training.

And now for those who want to see some fast pain and swelling in exchange for some fast track growth? I offer this sample regimen that you can do for your legs. You can mix and match workouts and rep ranges.

Killer Leg Work out: (All reps are explosive on the positive portion and 4 seconds down)

Note: I have provided a slash (/) alternate for most moves so that you can use an alternate move on different sessions

Back squat (high squat – bar on higher traps not the lower traps wide variety)/front squats in alternating weeks – 4 sets 10 reps (only reach for failure on the last set – other sets you reach for only 1 rep short of failure doing no less than 9 reps slowly)

Pre exhaust Leg extensions and leg press (wide/narrow) – for 2 pre exhausts then on the second pre exhaust do drop sets of up to five drops on the leg presses

Sissy squats – 30 reps doing partials on the stretched position of the move with a weight that you can at least feel resistance to then after that you can stretch quads for full 30-60 seconds

Pre exhaust (after doing two sub maximal warm-up sets of Stiff lying leg curls)

tom platz killer legs

(Those killer hamstrings of Tom Platz was built on Leg curl – Stiff leg deadlift super sets)

Lying leg curls/ Seated leg curls with stiff-legged deadlifts/Good mornings (put on 25s not 45s or 50s so the barbell will not hit the floor so that you can stretch out at bottom)

Do 2 pre exhaust reps then on the last set do drop sets of up to 5 drops with lying/seated leg curls before proceeding to annihilate the hams with stiff legged deads

After that stretch your hams for full 30-60 seconds

3 sets of 15 reps of standing calf raises/seated calf raises – do partial reps on the stretch position after reaching positive failure on every working set then do up to 5 drop drop-sets on the final set

-really stretch out the calf at the bottom and explode the way up. With calf raises always go as high as you can at top then hold the top for a few seconds

After that stretch the calves against a wall or a stair step for full 30-60 seconds

Note: Want to really bring up those legs? Take 1 TBSP Dymatize Micronized Creatine after your BRUTAL leg session and you will be in ANABOLIC HEAVEN!!!

I first started doing this kind of training for my legs way back in college and back then I used to go to the gym with a bike. But on the way home I wouldn’t be able to pedal so I simply walk with my bike all the way home like a limp walking with the assistance of his walker. If you want huge legs you must be ready for pain. Bring it on! Eat your eggs people!

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