Killer Chest Workout In THIRTY MINUTES (or LESS)

Welcome once again! Today I will teach you how I blasted my chest with just a 30 minute high-efficiency workout! Anyone with a muscle can do it I promise!

Here’s something to get you fired up:

Arnold Schwarzeneger huge chests

I was going to do my chest workout last week. It was a Sunday night and I just woke up exhausted from all the work I needed to do at home.
I rushed to my local gym and the owner told me they’re about to close by eight. Actually I wasn’t expecting them to close out till nine. But it seems like they ran into something that weekend and they needed to be home be eight. Actually the guy was talking to his wife on the phone when I came so I guess that is the reason.

The time I arrived was 7:45. Obviously not enough time anyways I didn’t go home! I asked if they’d allow me to hit my chest with even a few sets. And guess what; these iron heads knew how I felt and the guy actually gave me till 8:15 to do the workout. So dude is that enough time at all? Of course it is! I will tell you how I did it.
One thing though; 30 minutes don’t mean it’s going to be a walk in the park; on the contrary we have no choice but to do purely high intensity moves and have very short (to no) rest periods.
First off: I did 2 straight sets of 8 RM barbell bench presses on flat bench. At the 3rd set I did the omni-contraction technique. That hurt, like a lot! And t was good!
Second: Pre exhaust Incline Bench press with Incline flyes. 3 sets with 8RM weight. 1 ,inute rest in between. Just a bit of a background with pre exhaust you do the flyes first for 10-12 reps followed immediately by the incline bench press (no rest); that’s one set then rest for one minute.
Lastly (which is optional theoretically); because I had a little time left I did 4 sets with pec decs; very very slow descent with each set to feel the contraction.
After that I all used up; I immediately consumed 4 raw eggs to compensate my expenditures and to feel my starving muscles! Who would have believed I only had 30 minutes to complete a killer workout? You could to.
Eat your eggs people!

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