Killer Ab Workout – Vacuum Ab Routine That You Can Do Anywhere

So you want some washboard, flat abs, or smaller waist? Therefore you consult our “killer workouts” section for some sadistic ab routines. But don’t worry; I won’t let you do situps while hanging on a tree or make you do the tea-cup filling the bucket while hanging upside-down routine that Jackie Chan did in Drunken Master.

drunken master situps

What I will share with you today is an ab routine that can be done wherever you are. I shared this one with one of the patrons in our gym and he said that it was even more tiring than the 2 hours workout that he always does.

What we will learn about today is the “Vacuum pose” or simply “Vacuums”.

What you do is suck in your entire belly, your entire stomach as deep as you can while simultaneously “flexing” your anal sphincter (keagels maneuver) for ten seconds each time. Vince Gironda prescribed doing this for ten seconds, ten reps, ten times in a day! That is if I amnot mistaken. That is a lot – total of 1000 seconds.

However what I advise you to do, especially if your abs really aren’t showing and you have a big-ass waist – is to indeed work your way up to 1000 seconds a day.

arnold vacuums

500 seconds a day is not a bad starting point. Yes it takes a lot of work but think about this: how many seconds do you find yourself spending in front of your TV? Studies show that the average “modern” person spends at least 4 hours a day in front of the tube (that doesn’t include internet browsing).

That’s 240 minutes, multiply that by 60 – that’s 14400 seconds spent in front of TV!

I don’t see how you cannot borrow at least 1000 seconds of that to do the vacuum workout. Imagine doing vacuums while watching TV? How many seconds would that being a day if you are one of those who spend hours in front of your TV?

So here’s my invitation for you today:  make it a point to do vacuums every time you watch TV or browse the internet; or whenever you do any idle activity. If you don’t watch TV (that’s good) then do it while you’re at bed, walking, or whenever you can. That way 1000 seconds would be a walk in the park.

Oh and speaking off – you can indeed do this while walking in the park! What I do is whenever I go to work; I hold the vacuum pose while walking from the train station to the office building. That would be a total of 5 or 3 minutes. You can do the same thing – set a target whenever you take a walk tell yourself:

“I am going to hold this sexy, vacuum from here to there” and hold it like your life depends on it.

You don’t even need to count how many seconds you are doing every day since after those you will actually feel your abs being sore after the day.

What is good about the vacuums is that unlike your usual crunches and situps that only work out the rectus abdominis, which is actually only a superficial part of your overall midsection; the vacuums work the entire underlying transverse abdominals which encircles your entire midsection like a belt.

transverse abdominals

The transverse abdominals is also known as the “biological belt” basically your “core”. It functions the same way as your lifting belts hence your “biological belt”.  Power lifters need to strengthen their transverse because it helps them exert more force in their lifts. Horse riders also train their transverse abdominals since this helps them balance themselves in the saddle.


So now you know how to get smaller waists like the guys in the 60s and 70s like Zane and Arnold:

frank zane vaccum pose

These guys do vacuums regularly but now the vacuum is all but forgotten. People right now only care about the superficial “Rectus Abdominals” and they are ignorant of the fact that working out their “biological belt” is the only missing ingredient for them obtaining smaller waists and flatter abs.

Have you tried this workout before? How did it go? Eat your eggs, people!

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