Lifting and Sports – to Keep Your Teens off DRUGS, Pot, Alcohol, etc

matt sloan badass kid

I wrote this article for all those A-lifter mums and dads out there who might be wondering how to keep your kid off vices that teenagers usually experiment on.

Teenage kids be like too experimental. Without supervision your kid would most likely try smoking, drinking, and worse, DRUGS. But that is just natural; teens have always been prone to experimenting new things especially with peer pressure and they will always be. You were probably like that as well when you were a kid, right? What parents don’t know is that there is a very simple and easy way to keep (or at least keep at bay) your kid from experimenting these bad things too much.

So before you send your kid to a high end school where you think no one ever does drugs (which the rich kids still usually do – just IN LARGE DOSES) keep in mind this one simple tip:

Get him obsessed with Physical training

Now that means you should find a way to get your kid into sports, lifting weights or into any type of competitive physical activity (dancing qualifies as well – but I don’t dance)!

Earlier this day, while walking in the park minding my own business I saw some 14 year old potheads whiffing and smoking shit like what potheads do. I thought about how I didn’t end up being like them considering the peer pressure I was in. HECK!! I didn’t even smoke (which was relatively harmless) until I was twenty three and smoking was a great way to remove stress from work (I still smoked until recently when I discovered vaping) – then realized that my whole teenage years were mostly spent in competitive martial arts.

You see, when a kid becomes obsessed with a competitive activity, or sports; the less he becomes prone to indulging into alcohol, drugs or stuff that kids (or even adults on their right mind) shouldn’t be doing. And even if he DOES experiment with them, it most likely would not stick as his body will simply reject taking in too much of these.

When I was a teenager a friend offered me a stick of Marlboro lights and yes I tried it out but my fit, Spartan body would just not tolerate it and I felt like it would hinder my training so I actually hated my first cigarette. Had I been a kid who had nothing to do and dedicated myself into I would have just succumbed to endless teen partying, chain smoking or pot, or all of the above – that’s is why they say that an idle mind is the devil’s playground, now I know why.

You see when I was fourteen I started training martial arts and my parents have been very supportive. As a parent you need to be sure that you will support your kid 100% – watch his games, show him that you are interested in his art or sport, buy him stuff that will help him win, etc!

My friend Sloan, author of many bodybuilding articles in Ironman is a great parent for supporting his son in lifting weights. Look at this kid, unbelievably strong and dedicated to lifting heavy shit, he even writes some articles now in his dad’s site:

Matt Sloan:

matt sloan badass kid


But, George – does this mean that I also need to do what my kid is doing? I don’t even LIFT!!

When I was a kid obsessed in martial arts, my dad was fully supportive but he is more of an intellectual man than a physical dude – he’s the local doctor and he never went to the gym or did any sports. But he was very supportive. So NO you don’t need to do what your kid is doing – keep in mind that teens are in the stage where they are trying to establish their own identity; at times, they will unconsciously (or consciously) do the exact opposite of the stuff that their parents do. So if you are thinking of like learning basketball just because your kid is playing basketball and you think it will help him commit – STOP! What will happen is he will resent playing that game all his live because you suck and you embarrass him! That will only work if you’re really bad-ass in the sport in which case you kid’s friends will also think you’re “cool”.

It’s all about OBSESSION

It’s not enough that your get your kid to do 4 or three sessions of boxing – you must see to it that the environment you are offering to him is conducive to him being OBSESSED with his undertaking. Now it’s your job to figure that out.

Use PEER PRESSURE to your advantage

Peer pressure is not always bad – they can also steer your kid into the right direction given the correct circumstances. When I was fourteen I started martial arts because two of my friends back then (Joseph and Psyrold) talked me into attending some Aikido sessions that their friend also talked them into attending. As kids we really loved those fighting video games so maybe that helped a little.

Now with that in mind, not all kids would have the same luck that I got. What if a pothead influences your kid instead of a varsity player – now that is a good question but off course I already though of a solution to that:

Bribe sporty kids to befriend your teenager

That is if you didn’t raise your teen to become inclined in sports in the first place. Now this works magic first off all being around the cool kids will help improve your kid’s morale and before long he will adapt to have confidence in himself plus off course training consistently will get him off drugs and vices.

The effect of competition

Now you see one of the reasons why this strategy is effective is because of “competition. Kids want to be cool and off course their raging hormones just love LOVE competition. Use that fact to your advantage to keep him obsessed with his art – actively look for meets, and games that he can participate on and make sure that you will be present in the audience seats, look for tune up games if you need to or better yet make sure that he is handled by a good coach.

Sometimes I think of the fun and the possible lays that I missed being obsessed with exercise and martial arts during my teenage years when I could’ve been partying left and right. Off course as one of the players of our school I have been regarded as one of the “cool” dudes and got invited but I was the one to reject them either because I just didn’t feel like drinking or partying after a hard training session when I could go home and eat a full meal or I needed to train that given night. But hey, maybe that’s for the better right?

Till next time, A lifters
EAT YOUR EGGS, people!

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