I was once a Geek -Why Geeks Must Start Lifting Weights and Reinvent Themselves in Every Way Possible

Here’s another article I wrote years ago originally titled “How can a Geek get Laid”. I decided to publish this today to let the fact be known that I was once a geek and the first half of high school for me has been like hell and nobody respected me for who I was. That is until I learned to love and respect myself and finally started to change my soul and my body for the better by practicing martial arts, lifting, and living by the philosophy of the ancient way of men specifically the “Hwarang code” which was the first “code of men” that I was exposed to. The purpose of this text therefore is to allow you to realize that even a geek can earn the respect of many by means of channeling all his efforts into self-improvement and bettering his mind, his soul, and his body. Enjoy reading, especially for the GEEKS out there!

This day I really wanted to write about a lot of things. Perhaps I’ll write about origins of things, maybe some article about personal perception. Or why not mysticism, metaphysics, perhaps cancer? What about our existence, philosophy, or God?

But fuck that, Somehow I don’t feel like talking about those deep stuff today. Today lets discus something a little bit “Worldly”. Yeah time to party today huh? Light the stage play the LMFAO, turn the super bass on blast the whooper! And today the party’s for the “nerds”. Yah you hear me right, “NERDS”. Some Dexter and Mandark type of nerd and weirdos welcome come get your keys.

You see nerds have it bad. Specially high school, I spent half of my high school years being one. Remember the days when you’d get that wedgie? And someone covers your face with a cloth and all the class will turn your head into some kind of a speedbag in some kind of frenzy while you can’t see. And the girls will somehow love it at your expense, so much for female compassion eh? If you believe in that thing then it sucks to be you. Be aware of this, you might have already proved to yourself that it is even easier to gain respect from fellow guys than from girls. In the situation above you will observe women’s unconscious wiring, They secretly despise your Bettaness. That is why they wont see your beating as an unfair abuse but instead as some form of entertainment and I have it on good authority that if you somehow get mad at the abuse; they’ll see you as being some kind of a kill joy, and suddenly its uncool to uphold your dignity. But what you can’t see is that they feel that way because you may not have had dignity upheld to begin with. You must get one first like a warrior has his sword crafted first before going to a battle.

Is everybody present?

geeks can change themselves

GOOD! Commence class!

First off you must get your dignity in form of confidence. Yup good old confidence and narcissism is everything! Go look at the mirror, tell me; what are you worth? Not much? Why? Are you sure? Now why are your classmates getting your exam answers anyway? Why do they need your homework? Your thesis? You see – You have value. The problem is that you try to supplicate others by giving off your value for free without getting nothing in return so why don’t we start with this:

from now on no more giving off answers. Never supplicate anyone to prove to them your worth. You don’t need to prove anything.

You are what you are.

Will it be them to face your life’s challenges for you?


It will be you, yourself and you!

Love yourself first then eventually people will love you. Give value to yourself and eventually people will value you. Why in the first place are you trying to impress anybody? Why are you proving your worth? Why do you make it hard for yourself by hating yourself for not satisfying everybody – who taught you that sh¡t? That is why reward system for children doesn’t work: it teaches them that they need to impress others instead of doing something because it is functional.

Even if you’re a geek, confidence is not very hard to achieve. I will tell you this I know of some guy who was like a computer addict, loves warcraft, doesn’t play the guitar, has a shitty body, but he manages to snag a 9. Honestly I don’t have a hard time visualizing a guy who has sticks for arms, wears a nice polo shirt, big glasses, short, hair combed like Clark Kent, but has a very confident and alpha body language approaching a girl on a bar or a mall chin up. He will be able to communicate well and he may also be able to use his “weird” looks to his advantage.

Let’s make things clear; I am no PUA blogger and I’m not some PUA guy with funny hats forgodsakes; but I believe in “confidence” and faith in oneself and that any person, no matter how misserable he is, can change himself for the better with enough work.

Now let me ask you this; is it too hard to see this working with a geeky guy? Is it hard to install a good body language? If you can’t imagine that then stop reading and continue masturbating forever on cuckoldry porn. Now, the girl above may or may not exactly respond possitively to his crappy geeky look (which you should really modify) but for the sake of this article lets leave that as a handicap (which is really – you have to work on that) . Our point here is even if you have that geeky look or reputation you can still have that alpha vibe and in the end, this Clark Kent might indeed be able to get that girl and if he’s good – even if he keeps his geeky style (hell, if you can even call THAT style).

Lets work on that: first your posture have you watched social network? Mark is a geek right? Sure he doesn’t have  a fully alpha body language but his chin is always elevated – AT LEAST ON THE MOVIE . The chin elevation is our top priority its attractive to women and commands authority. Next, your upper body. Stomach in and chest out.

Do this exercise:

Stand against a wall; your back must be straight into the wall and peripheral to your butt and shoulders must touch the wall. Do this then walk away from the wall and you must maintain that position as you walk around the room. Imagine that you are a king inspecting his throne room. Chin up chest out and shoulders not slouching. That posture will make you feel  confident in itself. When you sit and stand always occupy space. Spread your legs as you sit. Don’t sit like a fuckin sissy, scientists have proven that sissy posturing and sitting already decreases one’s testosterone level and the alpha language actually increases it. This exercise is also included in Neil Strauss’s book: Rules of the Game  I suggest you invest in game too and get that book as well. He details his step by step transformation there and its quite easy to follow.

Now about your mentality? Have you ever considered that the only reason why you look so low on yourself is because of social conditioning? Conditioning that because you are not an MVP or your not in a band your not cool. So what if you like warcraft? So what if you do good at class? I have a girl saw me with a magic the gathering deck of cards she told me “ew you play that?” I said “Yes honey but only “SMART” people actually appreciate this you know” then she becomes defensive, now she’s playing in my frame thanks to my geeky game.

life of pi geeks can roll with the tigers

Believe that you can roll with the tigers and WORK ON IT!!!

Now all these plans and strategies for you may not even materialize if you don’t believe in yourself – and actually take action to change yourself. You cannot accomplish any act if you can’t even have faith that it will work. It takes a lot of practice though.

Now I think the problem with me is I’ve become so irrationally confident and like a child I always tend to believe that I can be the best in anything that I do.

When I practiced martial arts I even thought that I can defeat Chuck Lidel!!

I watched matches and my passion allowed me to absorb their moves easily and in the end my overconfidence worked at my advantage since I tend to improve better and I have more fun playing the game.

A child always dreams and always believes and he is always happy unconditionally. Then adult life comes by and society stuffs your head with limiting beliefs. Suddenly you have to have a reason to be happy and you should always prove to others your worth before you can start believing in yourself. But that is just a state of mind and a conditioning that you can always reject.

Let me tell you that even the greatest has undergone that hurdle but just like you; they became smart enough to realize that limiting beliefs are nothing and started not to care about what others say. Do you think Jack Dempsey had any grain of doubt when he knocked out greatest boxers of his time who were twice his size? He may have had a little fear inside (courage does not mean lack of fear) but that voice was over powered by his own cocky:

“Lets see how tall this f#ck lands when I slam his head to the mat, I can’t wait!”

Now let me test your belief. Do you believe that when you press Alt+F4 in the keyboard will make you exit this program? I don’t believe so.

Oh, you object? Prove it then. Or do you believe you can kill a goomba in super Mario if you stomp him. No he wouldn’t. O what’s that? It will? Why don’t you do it then?

Do you believe that pressing the TV’s off button will kill its power? I’ll tell you that you cant! Oh you still believe it will? Why don’t you try it then?

Now do you believe that you are going to gain respect and attract women if you applied these advice and do what you love doing and show confidence? If I tell you NO SIR YOU CAN’T DO IT! Oh you can? Why don’t you try it then. You see its that simple. If you don’t try it then its worthless. How in the world did you learn how to ride a bike then, huh? How did you learn all those computer tricks? Practiced it right? The more you do something the better you get come on!

Of all people you should be the last person not to believe in yourself when you can’t do good at first: for Godsake! How do you level up your player in RPG right? You start from level 1 then you kill weaker monsters first then experience accumulates then before you know it you can defeat the boss. Honestly I think real life is a lot easier than all those video game grinding that you do. So you can see that you can also learn wisdom in such games. It’s the same in real life.

Even though it may be better for you to pursue a lot “manlier” hobby like weightlifting, or sports for your success in women and health – and I advice you to do so. But at the same time it will actually not kill your chances if you have game.

In conclusion your geekiness is not the reason why women resent you and the guys don’t respect you. People only treat you as low as you think of yourself. People will only love you as much as you love yourself. That is why a very beta husband who serves his wife doesn’t get respect from his wife. He doesn’t respect himself. Then they divorce then his sons become drug dealers and his daughters become bar sluts (who are cheaper than whores). That is why game has the capacity of saving relationships, and children’s future better than your best marriage counselors. The counselor would only tell you to treat her like a queen so she treats you like a king, and you do that but she resents you more because you exhibit far less self respect then boom! No-fault divorce. Bye bye.

Now do you see the power of confidence and self respect? Smart people learn from his own mistakes but the wise learn from the mistakes of other’s. Don let it get to the point when your youth is sucked up already before you realize that you need these “stupid” things that manosphere teaches.

The power of confidence is real. Half of my teenage life I never really knew any formal game. But I believed in the power of confidence and there was a certain year when I decided to stop impressing other people. Bsically I stopped giving sh¡t. Effect: I smiled less, talked less, (I thought to myself that I have superiority complex) so the way I did it was kind of cocky. And maybe my peers smelled that change and respected me and the girls responded the best. And the rest of it I kept interested in my own hobby. At that time I learned taekwondo and loved its competitiveness and discipline and wisdom. My master, Ramon really taught us many things. I also started lifting at that time from my dad’s friend, Jay (I already mentioned him before) whose gym I trained in at that time.

At first I couldn’t even handle my own bodyweight in push ups but before I knew it I can bench a hundred pounds – not bad for a skinny kid. From then on my fitness level only got better and better and I trained even if it meant not being able to attend parties and drinking sessions – I don’t regret that one bit.

You see when you really focus on something that you love, you will attract good things. And your peers will feel that vibe and they will suddenly stop bothering you. But there will be a time when they will find someone else to make fun off and you will be tempted to feel good and play along and have fun for his sufferings. For God sakes if you have self respect act unimpressed and instead lead the poor one into this website. Enjoy your transformation, great man.

Are there any other geeks out there? How about Ex-Geeks who worked hard to change themselves? Let your stories` be known by leaving a comment below. I might even write an article centered upon the most inspirational story shared through the comments section. Eat your eggs, people!

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