How to pump up your Chests in 20 minutes (or less) – Not that a Pump is THAT Important

Most people say that you need to do some crazy hundred reps and tons of sets to be able to induce a great “muscle PUMP” or burn. But my recent chest session would beg to disagree as I was able to induce a pump in less than 30 minutes.

Now, not that a pump should be the sole indicator of an effective workout; a pump should NOT be a bodybuilder’s main goal for a it doesn’t usually equate to MORE GROWTH. In reality, the most effective way to induce a pump is by doing rep schemes from 20-25. And we all know that 20 reps would already target your endurance muscle fibers and that is not what we want. But you will get a pump nonetheless but still you will get little to NO muscle growth doing so.

But what the hell is a pump anyway?

(the pump as defined by Gov):

cum and pump


A pump is an inflammatory response set out by the body after a highly stressful stimulus. As one completes a certain workout, blood rushes to the muscles fibers to supply the “damaged” bodypart with nutrients that it needs.

Just in case, here’s the indications of inflammation; this phrase is what we always use in the medical field:

“Rubor et Tumor cum Calore et Dolore y Funcion Laesa”

Redness and Swelling, with Heat and Pain and Loss of Function.

All of that is present after a workout, especially after the ones that have induced much “pump” and burn. The loss of function part is apparent with the decrease of muscle strength.

And like what we said before, a pump would not necessarily translate to more adaptation response by the body to make you bigger and stronger. The truth is power-lifting Trainings would induce very little to no “pump” at all and they would rarely work up to muscle failure like in 5×5 workouts but lifters using this method get more size side effects nonetheless (which is NOT their goal) and their lifts would just go up from week to week (which IS their goal).

And as promised I would like to share to you the workout that I did earlier in the day that took less than 30 minutes but has indeed induced a great pump.

I arrived early today for work and so with nothing else to do, I decided to briefly stimulate my chest in our office’s mini weight room (which only has dumbbells up to 50lbs pair).

Now before that I was literally very flat coming to work due to missing an entire lifting week because of needing to handle some paper works. But after that session, my upper torso seemed like plants that were deprived of sunlight for a long time and were immediately watered and exposed to the morning light.

Now the workout I did was I just got the pair of 50s (Which I did for like 10 reps or so per set)

Note: For this to work, you must lower the weights very very SLOWWWLYYY…

You need to be in an adjustable bench. I started this one in a very high incline. After failure I reduced the incline, until on the 3rd or 4th set, you should be lying on a flat bench with the same set of dumbbells.

You can do this with or without rests in between the incline reductions. If you chose not to take a rest period this will act like a postural drop set, since decreasing the incline of the adjustable bench would make it easier for the body to carry the poundage since it will shift to using bigger and bigger parts of your pectoral muscles.

Without any doubt, doing so (not taking rest periods in between incline reductions) will lead to more “pump” as a side effect; but you might not even need to go that far since what I did was to take 1 minute rest in between the incline reductions and doing so the pump was already satisfactory.

Other things: In between the incline reductions I did a set of bent over dumbbell rows (2 handed) to balance out the chest and back stimulation. And after the sets of dumbbell presses I did a set of flyes with the same weight and I really took my time on the negative portion that I couldn’t bear not to grunt as I lower the dumbbells to my side.

That really made me feel the pecs stretching since they have already been burned by the presses. I guess the thing that is really important here are the slow negatives or lowering the weights slowly, since that is what damages the fibers to the greatest extent.

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