How to Make your Chest Bigger RIGHT NOW – Bigger Chest and More Expanded Ribcage

So, do you want bigger chests right now? I will tell you what to do to make your chests bigger (or at least look bigger) and more prominent as in RIGHT now.

And no, we’re not talking about IMPLANTS!


No, we’re not talking about some new wonder bra for men – YUCK!!!


And, no we’re not talking about some new drugs or injectable wax like Synthol!


No, we’re not selling anything right now!

I am talking about something that you can do RIGHT now -this moment that many guys (even bodybuilders) these days don’t even have a clue of; which can make your chests instantly bigger and more protruding no matter what level of pectoral development you have.


The iron men of the old knew the value of this practice, like Casey Viator and his “barrel chests”:

Casey Viator huge ribcage and chest
Later we might do a post that will focus on certain exercises that specialize on chest expansion this but right now we will only focus on the postural aspect.
So you see, a bigger chest is just a postural adjustment away and the great news is the more you do this, the more your ribcage develops and expands as time goes by since by doing this you will tend to develop certain muscle groups around your rib cage.
What to do:

You might have heard of the phrase:

“Stomach in, chest out”

This time you must take one step further and literally expand your ribcage consciously whenever you stand, sit, walk or talk to people. Simply breathe in deep and visualize your ribcage filling with air like a baloon then try to maintain the expansion.

This requires that you retract your scapulae (pull your shoulders backwards) and retain a straight, arched lower back (similar to a military “attention” posture).

Once you get used to this not only will you train your ribcage to expand – therefore your chest will become literally bigger in no time but you will command respect with your posture and scientific evidence shows that a respect-commanding posture (wide stance, straight body, in short “proud man’s stance”) translates to  higher testosterone production.  That’s a plus both on fitness and life in general!

Doing this will also be great for your oxygen levels as you will be forced to really breathe deep and pay attention it. The “attention to breathing” part is the whole point of meditation in itself so it is also possible to get some benefits that you will also get when you practice meditation while practicing this chest expansion posture.

For exercises I suggest you do the cross pullovers even with light weight regularly after every chest and back workout and expand your chest every time you catch yourself not doing so and every time you are around people because that postural adjustment is an HUGE exercise in itself – it even gets your heart rate up especially for first timers.

In no time you will indeed develop some healthy barrel chests (not the pathogenic barrel chests) like Casey Viator and command respect at the same time.

By the way if you have experienced doing this postural adjustment please share your experience down at the comments section. Eat your eggs, people!

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9 thoughts on “How to Make your Chest Bigger RIGHT NOW – Bigger Chest and More Expanded Ribcage

  1. YES! Many guys are very tight in the pecs from not balancing out presses with back work. I’ve found very useful to do pec stretches in a doorway with the upper arm above parallel with the ground. In that position, the pec minor is specifically targeted. See following video, although this shows doing only one side at a time. In a doorway you can do both sides at once. This can amazingly make posture improvements a lot easier.

    1. I see. Good stuff there
      And to add the guys of the old would even avoid any active pec major work for months during their “Rib expansion” period

  2. What’s Going down i’m new to this, I stumbled upon this I have found It positively helpful and it has
    aided me out loads. I’m hoping to contribute & aid other users like
    its helped me. Good job.

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