How to Lose Fat – Building Muscle and Fat loss

So we have discussed several times lately (with much obsession) about how to gain and build muscle mass. But we haven’t touched too much upon what to do differently if the lifter also plans to lose fat or is prone to gaining unwanted body fat. Therefore what we have for you today are some simple tips on how to lose fat or avoid gaining fat while training to gain muscle and strength at the same time.

-Train to gain muscle:

“Where there is muscle building; there will always be fat burning”

That is the first thing you must keep in mind. Your body in the first place dislikes building too much muscle mass – that is the reason why we have the so called “mysostatins” which were designed to limit muscle growth. The body doesn’t want you to build too much muscle mass since muscles are voracious calorie-eaters.

So we see that it is only natural for our body to restrict or limit the rate of which we grow our muscles but that is also the reason why you want to develop as much lean muscle mass as possible. Increase in lean muscle mass has been shown to triple your metabolism – that is the calories that you consume even while doing NOTHING! That beats hours and hours at the treadmill.  And don’t worry (for girls): don’t think that gaining muscle means looking like some monster – that kind of development takes years (and lots of drugs) to achieve. At worst you will end up looking like Xena if you’re genetically gifted.

-Avoid Long Cardio: Doing long cardio sessions will only set you up for failure. What these low-intensity long cardio will do is reduce your muscle mass, decrease your testosterone levels, and will therefore decrease your overall metabolism.  What long-steady state cardio will do to you is make you efficient for running miles and miles by decreasing any extra mass that will eat up your precious calories (namely: muscle mass) so that it can have enough energy for your marathons. That is not what you want to do.

You might be able to burn some weight with this for a while but since you are decreasing your overall muscle mass your results will be anything but sustainable.

-Do High intensity cardio: For the reason why you must prefer high intensity cardio (or HIIT) over steady, long cardio sessions please refer to the last item.

Do some High intensity interval cardio for 20 minutes each session at least twice a week on days when you won’t lift weights and do it on an empty stomach then take a protein shake immediately afterwards like what you do in a regular lifting session. The purpose of that is to ramp up your metabolism and muscle protein synthesis so you will preserve (and even gain) muscle mass.

-Lots of water: You can ignore any other advice and just drink more water from this day onward and I can assure you that you will experience weight loss (in fat pounds!). For some reason more than half of the people who have weight problems also drink like only 2 glasses of water per day! From now on you will drink at least 15 glasses of water a day!

Have a gallon of water at home and your goal is to finish that before the day ends!

Water promotes muscle building, flushes out toxins, promotes healthier digestion, and is basically comprises 80% of your body! Do I need to elaborate further?

-No soda! From now on you will not drink soda and avoid drinking any other type of fluid besides water! No more Kool-aids, no more Coca-Colas! You will lose fat and save money at the same time (that includes money for hospitalizations).

-Jump Ropes: Jump ropes are mean-ass! You see how lean boxers are? If you want to lose some few extra pounds you must learn how to jump rope, do it every day and work your way up to 30 minutes, no trippin’.

boxer skip rope jump rope

-Supersets: Supersets and especially giant sets are very demanding to your cardiovascular system. A training program that comprises supersets will not only burn more calories intra-workout but will also condition one’s lungs and heart to function more effectively.  Do supersets as instructed here.

-Don’t starve: have a healthy bread and junk food-free diet but don’t starve yourself.

Starvation will burn everything in your body …….except for fats!

Actually you might even signal your body that it needs to store more fats the next time it receives even a little food since it figures that you are in a state of famine. And starvation burns muscle so yes you might lose weight at first but you are actually lowering your body’s ability to burn fats therefore setting yourself up for failure.

What you must do with your diet is replacement instead of starvation. Replace junk foods with quality, organic, and real foods. For example – if you are eating chicken, eat only the form that has bones, meat and all, not nuggets, patties, etc. That is the only way to make sure that what you are eating is indeed the meat and not some harmful extenders. You should also be putting effort into consuming vegetable juices. Buy a good juicer and juice some carrots.

So those are some kickass tips on how to scorch those extra love-handles that you have. Are there any more that you wish to add? Please be kind as to share them below in the comments section. Eat your eggs, people!

A-Lifter- Don't forget to leave your comment/feedback below.  If this article was helpful, I am sure our book Real Talk Muscle will help you even more in your quest for muscle gain. Check it out you can read the first few chapters as well.
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14 thoughts on “How to Lose Fat – Building Muscle and Fat loss

  1. Hey Bro,

    I’m your long time reader here and also a first time commenter, I just want you to know that you have a really great stuff here all that you’ve said here especially on the fat loss section was a big help for me. Keep up the good work bro and thank you for sharing this bright idea. BTW I have some few questions to you like; how about fasting?I do fasting 2x a week it is bad? and how long will the fats in the stomach go? and how to spot excessive skin over fats? your answer will be more appreciated. Again thank you very much greetings here from Philippines.

    1. Thanks!!
      Pls feel free to comment on other articles and send me your before and after pics.
      For people trying to lose weight it is still best to supplement with pure whey protein so you sustain your protein needs.
      If you have made even a little improvement already in a short time (preferably with pics) please do send me in an email here:

      About fasting:
      Even if you are trying to lose fat, you will still need your macros (CHO- carbs, CHON-Protein, and FATS) and you need above average amounts to build muscle and feed yourself after a high intensity session. That will surely ramp up you metabolism which is what we want to happen since muscles eat calories.

      However fasting is also a great way to shock your system like what we discussed in this pot:
      Do some intermittent fasting: example is eat, stop, eat which is already a popular method.
      I myself have had some periods of starvation but out of necessity since there are times when you will really have nothing to eat.
      There are times when I go for 12 hours with only virgin coconut oil an coffee in my menu.
      I get by without muscle loss but I indeed shredded lots of fats and I indeed shocked my system.
      fasting 2x a week is indeed good. Just make sure that that is not your workout day.

      Fats in the stomach? It depends- are you talking about belly fat?
      The longer ago you last saw your abs the longer it will take.
      do the eat, stop, eat fasting and steak and eggs diet. that will help
      Vacuums will also do a lot of help conditioning your inner abdominal layer
      Good luck!

  2. What are the health risks associated with overweight and obesity?

    – Diabetes
    – Heart disease
    – Diseases of the liver and gall bladder associated
    – Arthritis
    – Cancer
    – Respiratory
    Psychological and social problems of obesity
    Considered poor morale of the most important psychological problems associated with obesity or arising from and this in turn may lead to depression if the increased intensity more and more. Depression itself can lead to low morale and greater depression and exacerbated . Thus a person finds himself going on in the ring treadmill making it more difficult treatment with the passage of time . well as social factors significant impact on
    the course of obesity where exposed people with obesity in our modern life to psychological pressure and rejection by society and will be even worse in the case of women . which is reflected on the behavior of a person with obesity where tends to isolation and loneliness away from people and escape from these positions some of them resorted to eating as a kind of moral compensation which increases the problem worse.
    sabry almasry

  3. Can you please explains in detail the most effective way to burn fat and pack on lean muscle. Thanks to the routines and diet plans inside, even an ex coach potato like myself managed to get the ripped, lean and muscular physique that I’ve always dreamed of!

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    made me individually imagine it from a lot of various angles.
    Its like men and women aren’t involved except it’s something to do with Girl gaga!

    Your individual stuffs nice. All the time deal with it up!

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