How to Do Negative Chins for Big, Bad BACK

Chins, also known as “pull-ups” is the most effective way to build some monster-sized upper body musculature. Chins develop your back muscles specifically your latissimus dorsi (lats) in a way that no other pull down machine can.
The reason for chins being the best back-builder is that it completely qualifies as a perfect high-CNS move – it sets the whole body in motion, and it uses free weight resistance and therefore forces the body to ramp up its anabolic response. And since your back muscles are basically like 75% or so of your upper body musculature – it is safe to say that pull-ups is not only a great “back” builder but is also one of the greatest “upper-body” builders.

hardcore chins
What we are going to do today is take this already mean mass building move and make our lives a lot harder by applying “negatives” !
The result of this 5 minute (or less) workout plan is total soreness and pain. . in the back. And growth, off course – more intense growth and strength gains for that matter.

How to do it:

-Simple, you need any place where you can perform a pull-up and a stool where you can use your feet and force your way up when you can no longer perform a positive rep.

stool negative chins
-You will do 40-50 reps as usual with this move (chins) – like what you will see in this program and in this program. Basically you will be completing 40 or 50 reps no matter how many sets you take to get there. Complete as many reps as you can do then upon failure, stop rest (try resting less than a minute each time) then begin again. Repeat until you hit 40 or 50 reps.
-When you notice that you can only do less than 5 reps before reaching fatigue and failure – that is when you will do the negatives.

For example, you rest after 30th rep, and then once you resume, you noticed that you are now reaching failure in less than 4 reps, DON’T STOP! Instead, use your stool to shoot your way up then lower your body slowly for at least 3 seconds – FEEL THE BURN!!

-Now that you are doing negatives from the 35th rep, now complete the rest of your 50 reps doing so. You will notice that even before you reach the 50th rep, you would have reached negative failure (total failure) meaning you cannot even lower your body slowly anymore and have to stop or else you fall down the floor.
Newbie version:
As for those who cannot even do a rep of chins you can use this technique and only do negatives for 30 reps. Before you know it you will be doing 30 chins no rest!
Now you’re done! Time to eat your eggs, people!

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9 thoughts on “How to Do Negative Chins for Big, Bad BACK

  1. Nice to see you’re in sync with my workout changes heheheh.

    Just 2 days ago I incorporated assisted wide pull-ups -( palms facing away from body), into my regime, after reading up on Serge Nubret and muscle mind connection, generally his way of training…
    I’ve done regular pullups in the past once a week, about 30 reps, 4 sets. 7 reps per set + few reps to feel it right. But, it never hit my lats hard, until I started assisted 12 reps, with 30 secs rest between sets, for 5-6 sets. I am new to this but while it hits my back muscles just right, it never fatigues me – CNS wise. So I have more energy, more pump during workout 😀 and that of course allows for more workouts and faster recovery. Feels great, who knows, after 2 months, and right diet, the body change might be magnificent.

    1. I’m glad to hear that, Ragnar!
      BTW you may also try 21s on pull ups,
      which reminds me that I still haven’t yet created an article dedicated to 21s yet.

      And thanks for following the Ironthumb system, feel free to send your progress photos so we could inspire the newbies out there to kick ass.

      Eat your eggs

  2. I’ve tried 21’s with chin ups, but never used them for long, although they do create a nice swell.
    When I’m satisfied with what I have to show this site will be first to know.

    Bdw, have you tried pushups on Olympic rings? you put legs behind on a stool and your arms on the rings so you are horizontal like in normal pushups. (I don’t really use rings, just a piece of rope hanging from my pull up bar with loops on the ends for hands).
    Try it, but without shaking hands ;)… hahaha I’m so evil.
    They really hit pecs if you squeeeze at the end of the movement and muscle recruitment on this exercise is enormous.

    1. Those rings are king and they are very high CNS!

      That is why gymnasts have mean ol’ musculature.

      To be honest I haven’t encountered a gym with a ring before. I will indeed create one at home. I only settle with the armchairs, I try to balance my body so that I grasp the armrests in a dip-like fashion and I try to lift my lower body so that it will be perpendicular to the ground. I can only go around 75 degrees that is damn hard! Imagine doing that on those rings!

      Righ now I am trying to do muscle ups – to be honest it’s damn hard! I cannot only go as far as chins go bar to nipples, not a complete muscle up.

      We hope to hear from you, my friend!

  3. Yeah ring pushups probably have a widest range of motion of all.

    I can imagine that kind of dips hit your shoulders hard!

    I hear muscle ups are very technical exercise, also, my friend can do about 20 pullups and still cannot manage a muscle up, it’s a technique problem.

    Nevertheless, good luck with muscle ups!
    and eat your eggs! hahaha

    1. Yup- technique is key with explosive stuff like those. I’ll do more research on muscleups.
      Damn that Kali muscle doing those muscle ups , I don’t see many big guys handling their body like that.

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