How to Burn Fat Without Burning or Losing Muscle – Easy Tips

Let us get it straight; how do you burn fat/ lose fat without losing muscle? You see I always get this question – A LOT!! But let us settle this one once and for all with these easy tips I will provide below and let me tell you – it’s much simpler than you think.

But I do understand the concern, especially for bodybuilders. Since they don’t want to lose their hard earned muscle; although one will not easily lose muscle in actuality since our bodies will have to undergo chronic stress for it to lose muscle – there is one very important reason why you may want to maintain your muscle mass as you lose weight which most lifters don’t know of:

Because muscles are your number one fat burners!

Yup! Each muscle, each pound burns around 10 to 15 calories per day and that is PURELY FOR MAINTAINANCE!! Those 10-15 calories are consumed by a very still, stale, and stagnant muscle! Studies show that physical activity significantly increases protein turnover especially high intensity work and muscle repair ramps up that number to as high as 50 calories per day!

Where there is smoke – there is fire; likewise Where there is muscle building, there is also fat burning.

-The Ironthumb

So here are some simple tips for losing fat without sacrificing your hard-earned muscle

– Don’t do marathons: Yes you will lose weight but you will also lose a lot of muscle as well. Marathons and long distance cardio will see to it that your body will not accumulate too much muscle because too much muscle will become a burden energy-wise when you run long distance. That is why marathon runners have lower testosterone levels than stagnant people – no kidding!

Note: occasional long-distance runs for fun are harmless though so don’t be so paranoid.

vince gironda lose fat without cardio

According to the great Vince Gironda lifting weights (BULDING MUSCLE) is superior to cardio with regards to fat burning: He is correct. As long as you ramp up your intensity in your lifts you can rest assured that you will be burning fat.

– Get HIIT!! : If you want to do cardio; High intensity interval training or sprint sessions are proven to kick start not only your fat burning phase but also helps with your testosterone levels. Allot the maximum of 25 minute for your HIIT session at least twice a week on an empty stomach on days when you will not be hitting the weights. For 25 minutes just sprint then when you get exhausted, walk or jog in a brisk phase then start sprinting again until your 25 minutes are up that’s it!

Tip: you don’t need to go 100% on each sprint especially for newbs; 80% effort will be fine.

– Damage your muscles big time!: Yup if you are not a power lifter there is no need to hold back from muscle failure. You as a “body sculptor” are required to annihilate each and every muscle fiber every session to stimulate changes in your physique especially the “fat burning” which accompanies muscle repair.

Do your reps slowly on the negative phase – negatives produce the most muscle damage

Utilize HIT or high intensity moves only on one exercise per body part

– Don’t go overboard: Yes you need to train with high intensity but high intensity work is like a very sharp sword which can cut the beholder as much as it intends to do so with the enemy if he is not wise with his actions.

Doing HIT, you must know that it is a very taxing type of training and would require you to rest a certain body part for a week and must not be done two times for a certain muscle group. Only chose to perform one set of HIT for a certain muscle group and nothing more.

For example doing inflitonics for two exercises for the same muscle group is just nuts. Doing a drop set of five drops to failure with bench press then doing so again with the pec decs is a surefire way to hinder your gains by digging a hole that your body will not be able to fill. But that is okay if you have an ambulance waiting for you after a workout. You have been warned.

-Do Supersets: For obvious reasons, supersets are extremely taxing for the cardiovascular system. The same with heavy whole body moves like squats and deadlifts.

-Stay hydrated: water is the number one requirement for fat loss and muscle gain. Water flushes out all the bad stuff that goes around your body and helps food go through your gastro intestinal tract much easier therefore helping your metabolism big time. That also goes without saying that your body and your muscles are about 70-80% water. F##ck your water levels up and you will f##ck everything else up.

Take more than 10 glasses a day – moreso on your training days. Milk is also a good post workout rehydration drink if you are not lactose intolerant.

– Last thing: eat your eggs, people! HDLs from eggs are good fats plus you will get high quality protein from them to build muscle and of course where there is muscle building, there is also fat burning!

You got something in mind? Simply put them below in the comments section just below ; We would like to hear from your experiences.

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