Grow your Biceps With Cheating Bicep Curls

Today we are gonna talk about one of my favorite techniques – a bicep move that you can incorporate into your arms day: Cheating Bicep Curls.

Pros- You will pack on more heavy duty arm muscles. It is also worth mentioning that Arnold Schwarzenegger is a big fan of this move.

Arnold Cheating bicep barbell curls

Cons- You might need to buy new shirts or cut the sleeve of some of your T’s a couple of months from now.

So what is cheating Bicep curls? Basically it’s just a way of tweaking your ordinary barbell bicep curls to give more shock and add intensity to move. You jerk a heavy weight up so that you can lower the weight slowly and take advantage of that heavy poundage for the purpose of taking advantage of the NEGATIVE portion of the move. Basically it’s like having someone spot you on getting the weight up only that because this is curls you can actually do it yourself. This is really something that you must do at least twice a month to add some spice into your arms training and maximize your growth potential.

Here’s how it’s done:

-The best time to do this is at the beginning of an arms day when your bi’s are fresh and strong. Load a barbell in a straight bar with a weight that you couldn’t possibly curl using a clean form but not so heavy that you couldn’t jerk the weight up. Note: perform at least 2 sets of warm-up with 15 reps light weight beforehand. DON’T GO FOR FAILURE ON YOUR WARMUP

-Proceed with the lift like how you would with a normal barbell bicep curl (from the ground, from a rack, etc) but place one foot (preferably the dominant feet) at the back (like in a forward-stance) for support.

-Instead of normally curling the weight use your hips and jerk the weight up then lower the weight really slow (for 3-4 seconds). That’s how you do it. Do this for at least 6-12 reps for 3-4 sets.

I have to say this is one perfect move to shock your arms into growth but I see people doing this the incorrectly. They jerk a heavy weight up then just haphazardly lower the weight. This is dangerous. Not only are you putting your lower back at risk but you will also be defeating the purpose of cheating the weight up in the first place: TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE NEGATIVE PART OF THE MOVE. The part of lowering the weight is the one that produces the most muscle micro tears and therefore stimulate growth, Keep in mind that cheating has sacrificed the positive portion of the move in order to take advantage of the benefits of the lowering part so lower the weight slowly – and if you can’t even lower it slowly (for at least 3 seconds) then perhaps you are using too much weight. Remember guys, you lift to grow not to show off.

Guys please share to our readers: What is your favorite bicep move? Eat your eggs, people!

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4 thoughts on “Grow your Biceps With Cheating Bicep Curls

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