Gain Size and Strength on You Chest with This Shock Routine

Who in the world will take a pass on the possibility of having a pair of meaty pectoralis majors (chest)? No one; of course.  Especially not people like me whose chest seems to trail in shape in comparison to other body parts: in other words people whose chest is their weak spot.

A little bit about me and my chest problem: I was born with a congenital funnel-shaped chest- that means it looked horrible! Like there is a black hole in the middle! Yeah and for that the kids in our neighborhood usually cal me “black hole” when we were playing; it didn’t help that I was naturally skinny therefore it would tend to look more prominent: It looked as if superman just punched a hole in the middle of my chest and destroyed my xyphoid process. However the problem became less and less obvious as I began to lift way back at my early college days: the aggressive chest routines seemed to help my chest take shape and somehow made my “black hole” less obvious and until I can finally walk around without a shirt on without creeping out anybody. But of course the depression is still visible but now it is not that deep anymore and it blends quite well with the musculature of my chest and costal muscles.

about lifting chest

So today we will address this same issue with a shock training method which will surely awaken those sleeping chest muscles! If you are stuck in a training rut, you can utilize today’s training to shock your pecs to an inevitable growth in size and in strength.

Now why do I keep on reiterating “strength”? Because today’s lifts are a combination of weightlifter type and HIT type routines. Here’s how it works:

          Basically you replace your current chest program with this one and do will do so for four to six weeks, and then you go back to your usual training regimen (stronger than ever).

          This is going to be tough so you should load up your diet with high quality protein and lots of it!

          Of course you do chest at the beginning of the training cycle/week so you’ll be able to hit it fresh and with more intensity.

          Take some raw eggs before and after this workout: you’re gonna need it.

          As always: Keep your fundamental principles in mind.

          First: Do flat bench press then do 1 set of warm ups.

          Rest for 2 minutes then do 2 sets of your 5 rep max

          Rest for a bit then do 3 sets of your 3 rep max

          Rest for 5 minutes after the last 3rm set

          Then do a set for the 5rm weight

          After you reach the first failure drop 25-30 percent of the weight then without resting do some more reps until the second failure

          Do this until you have only 1 plate on each side left: This is called: the almighty DROPSET!! Drop sets are the  demon’s gift to mankind which was sent to earth to bring him unbearable pain so think twice before performing this workout: make sure you have solid foundations; at least 6 months of lifting under your belt.

          Do some light dumbbell flyes for 3 sets- Do not accentuate the negatives for the flyes as you have achieved enough damage on your barbell presses.

          There: you are done with chest.

          Next week repeat this with inclines then peck decs.

          The week after that do it with declines then cable crossovers

          The week after that do it with the smith machine, . . you got the point: as long as you do it differently every week.

          After 6 weeks or even a month- go back to your basic regimen- you will notice an increase in your strength and size. But you will of course notice the size and the pumps early on.

There you have it! I’ll be back with more routines until next time don’t forget your eggs! Enjoy your PAINFUL transformation. Check out the rest of the articles here.

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