Feeling like Fainting and Passing out During Exercise

I will share with you my experience regarding post workout hypoglycemia and fainting or blacking out right after workout. You might have just seen this on films and comedies like one dude tries to lift a weight and faints doing so. This happened to me already twice and I realized from there that this issue is not a laughing matter and needs to be discussed here as a safety precaution.

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You might have experienced this as well; feeling faint or going blackout or near black out during or nearing the end of a workout. You might feel like passing out or over light-headed. The best thing to do is sit down and stop. You see this is not fatigue; this is very different from just fatigue.

avoid fainting during exercise

When I had this I immediately ended the workout (it’s nearing the end anyways). And immediately walked home since it’s just a block away; I’d be risking embarrassment had I passed out while on the gym. I didn’t want to bother the owner anyways and I knew perfectly what to do; which I DON’T RECOMMEND you to do! When you feel like this; ask for assistance from the gym crew. Better yet if there is a nurse out there.

Luckily, even if there was no nurse out there I was able to handle it well, since I am a nurse myself and these things aren’t new to me at all; only that it used to happen to diabetic patients and not to me but I knew perfectly what was going on.

In both instances; I have been out of the gym for a month or a couple of weeks; and knowing me I always approached each workout like facing a battlefield: with much intensity as possible. You see this might be the reason: Passing out is a sign exercise-induced hypoglycemia, and high intensity training will really use up all lots of sugar and energy.

So with that in mind I can tell with accuracy that this phenomenon would be more common to experienced lifters rather than to pure newbies; because here’s what happens: with each workout your body adapts to a certain level of threshold therefore after a while you will become less and less likely to experience any discomforts relating to exercise. With that you must be able to reach higher and higher level of training intensity without a problem.

What happened in my case was that I am already in that certain level of “intensity” all this time because of years of training under my belt; but stopping has decreased my body’s stress threshold and my intensity was too much of a burden to it. In short I should’ve taken it slowly at those times which was honestly a negligence on my part and it is just something that I always had difficulty doing.

It also doesn’t help that we have a pretty strong family history of diabetes; and not the induced diabetes but the rarer of the two types; the type 1 or congenital type. I recently had my FBBS and luckily it was negative.

So what do we do to prevent this?

First off to avoid this: always see to it to eat a slow-digesting energy source like oatmeal for at least 4 hours pre workout to keep your energy levels up during the session itself. If you haven’t eaten anything for hours don’t even consider working out at that moment. Eat up first.

Make sure that you are hydrated before working out. One of the reasons for this besides hypoglycemia is dehydration. That one is dangerous. One must also rule out any cardiovascular causes by doing some tests before staring out on any program specially our “Ironthumb System” which involves high-intensity techniques that can take a toll on your body.

Even if you need to do ECGs like this:

doing tests cardiovascular

And what if this happens anyway? Immediately seek help; if you’re diabetic I would recommend that you always have someone look after you during workouts in case this happens. Protein and white sugar does the trick. I noticed that the symptoms subside after taking my post workout eggs and some sugar mixed with water to fix the glucose drop. I just sit for a while; the last time I wasn’t even able to reach home in one walk, I needeed to stop over two times by the street. I took some deep breaths and sat in a squatting like position since this position is most effective at making the heart circulate blood throughout the body. Like this:

sitting squatting

And lastly before we part for today; if you stopped for a while and you just got back into training; consider taking a pass from high intensity techniques for your first two weeks at least. Just do straight sets first while your body adapts and increases it threshold. Have a great workout; Eat your eggs, people!

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