Walk for a Cause – For the Poor MUSCLES Go Walk with Something HEAVY

To be able to make any progress (muscle, fitness and strength gains) a lifter must focus on the big basics (squats, deadlifts, and barbell presses) and work for gradual overload so that his body may adapt to his training. But there is one more type of lift that you will want to add to your regular training in order to achieve bad-ass muscle gains and that is:


Yup! Walking with weights baby! And not just weights – it needs to be HEAVY weights. And when I say HEAVY it means that the combined weight that you carry must at least be equal to or greater than your bodyweight. And doing it with less than that would be pointless.

-You need to walk it like a dog,

-Walk with it like it’s your beloved bride,

-And Carry it with pride and loving devotion like it’s your own baby!

The reason why walking with weights is very effective is because its CNS involvement is very HIGH. Your body moves with the weight (which scores the highest in the CNS-involvement scale) and your body is forced to adapt from head to toe. And you are basically putting all of your major skeletal muscles under duress for a certain amount of time,

Giving your muscles literally NO other choice but to grow and get stronger

The best types of exercises you can do for these are farmer walks which you can do while holding dumbbells or anything heavy on both arms as you walk. Now why do they call it farmer’s walks by the way, this image below should answer that question:

Asian Strongman with pigs farmer walks


Don’t worry; you can do it with dumbbells if there aren’t any pigs in your gym! ;-p

Other options would be weighed sleds, walking lunges, (obviously you wouldn’t be using as much weight on sleds or on the lunges so just compensate by increasing the distance and reducing the rest periods) pushing a vehicle (remove it from neutral gear off course), or just carrying anything heavy and walking with it for a distance.

I remember years back when I ran errands; I used to carry two 5 gallon water containers on each hand from the distilled water station to the house. I basically farmer walked those two containers from the store to our house. The station was about a hundred meters from home and I always loved carrying those juts for the hell of it.

The containers looked exactly like these:

5 gallons or 40 pounds of water


I remember my traps burnin’ like hell after that and also feeling very damn great after I get home and veins juts pop from all over my arms. Those were just 5 gallons which means they would only equal to around 40 pounds per arm, but off course its water so it is a different stimulus for the muscles altogether and it would seem twice as heavy since water molecules aren’t compact and their instability as you move produces more resistance than the weight itself.

The distance is up to you. I suggest about at least 10 meters or do it in a parking lot. But actually the distance itself is not that important since you will just have to keep on walking until you can’t anymore (until you reach failure) – that’s one set, you should do 3-4 sets. And that is another reason why you would need to use heavier weights with this or you would be walking forever and still not reach failure!

I always do farmer walks even though there is not much space in the gym, I’d just walk with two dumbbells back and forth on a vacant space in the gym until failure – so lack of space or inability to do it outdoors should not be an excuse. In my case I get by with just around 4 meters of space and just walking back and forth. And yes, it still feels great after doing 3 sets of heavy farmer walks! Quite nothing like it that fires you up!

How many times a week should you do this: at least twice. You can include this in your traps or shoulders workout or with your legs OR you can do it separately on its own day outside of the gym; whichever works best for you.

Let me ask you guys, how many of you do farmer walks regularly? What can you say about farmer walks? You can answer below in the comments section. Eat your eggs, people!

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