Don’t You Just hate it When Some Obvious Juice-head Suddenly Out-sizes You or Out-lifts You in The Gym

Yes, we’ve been there; seeing some dude in the gym getting bigger at a BIGGER rate than you meanwhile you are stuck in a growth rut. Here’s a post by a guy named “Manipul8r” from Wannabebig forums:

I Hate This!!

I hate it!! Today I went to the gym, and I saw this kid that I went to school with. I saw him MAYBE 3 months ago, back then he was the same size if not a little smaller than me. Today when I saw him, he was OBVIOUSLY juicin and he was FOCKIN huge.. I say he was obviously on steroids b/c he had the whole SWOLLEN face thing and a little extra acne happenin, not to mention that the kids in my High school were notorious for the juice… This pissed me off to the fullest possibly degree b/c he was a dick to boot. Im bout to say fock it and just start cycling.. GRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!.. sorry just had to vent..

We understand Manipul8r’s point but one thing though: that mentality is a very BAD place to be in.

Its weak and it is too externally driven. One will not be able to concentrate much on his own progress if he is affected by another man’s results. We even wrote a post before on why you must never look at other people’s achievements and compare them with yours in the gym:

Another thing about looking too much at other people’s results is that it will ruin your intensity since you compare yourself too much to him that you develop doubts about yourself. That is a bad, depressing place to be – just concentrate on your own lifts and results and make sure that you get enough time under tension with them; doesn’t matter if that is only the half of what the other guy lifts or if you are smaller than the other dude.

Look, I am not telling you that you must not be inspired by other people’s success – but when it comes to lifting, your attention must be 100% kept to yourself and only for yourself. This time in the gym is your “meditation” time. Looking at other people’s results will only blast your equilibrium out of its orbit and it will make your workouts “About them” instead of “About you”, you hear me?

You need all the positive emotions that you can get from yourself for maximum results so don’t ruin your psyche just because of comparing yourself too much to others.

Just focus on yourself:

branch warren trains chest


And besides not all people have similar genetics; some people are just freaks by nature.

And if you have a mentality that thinks that anybody in the gym who is better than you must be on sh¡t – then you already are a sour-grapping weakling who doesn’t even trust that he can achieve anything great on his own.

How did I know? Because that is a “weakling’s” mentality. A strong man with a strong mentality will be inclined too much on his pursuit to glory that he would have no time to harbor negative thoughts upon his co-lifters in the gym. Yes they might be juice-heads – but who cares! I just hope they know what they are doing and get themselves a good physician to supervise them in their cycles.

Remember that a strong body is only a product of a strong mind. The body goes only as far as the mind goes. Thus entertain no weak thoughts and emotions into your head. Leave that part to the weaklings; the world already has enough of them.

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3 thoughts on “Don’t You Just hate it When Some Obvious Juice-head Suddenly Out-sizes You or Out-lifts You in The Gym

  1. The other side of this coin is not feeling superior to those smaller and weaker that have no idea what they’re doing.

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