Does Lifting Weights Strengthen Bones

Yes! Lifting weights does strengthen the bones! Lifting weights increase the density of you cancellous bones. Cancellous bones are kind of like the steel rods in the bone structure and therefore play a great part in the strength of your skeletal framework.

A research conducted by Westerlind and colleagues observed the effect of weight training to the bone structure of rats. They literally made these rodents do some Heavy SQUATS! How cool is that?

rats squat

Damn! If there are Rack Squats, then that must be RAT SQUATS!! – note: that illustration is from a different study altogether but the mechanism used in the one below is almost the same.

Westerlind, Kim C., James D. Fluckey, Scott E. Gordon, William J. Kraemer, Peter A. Farrell, and Russell T. Turner.Effect of resistance exercise training on cortical and cancellous bone in mature male rats. J. Appl. Physiol. 84(2): 459–464, 1998.—The effect of resistance training on tibial cancellous and cortical bone was evaluated in rats by using static histomorphometry and Northern analysis. Five-month-old male Sprague-Dawley rats were randomly assigned to exercise (Ex; n = 8) or control (Con; n = 4) groups. Animals were operantly conditioned to press two levers, facilitating full extension and flexion of the hindlimbs (“squats”), while wearing an unweighted vest. After an 8-wk familiarization period, Ex animals performed 3 sessions/wk for 17–19 sessions with progressively increased amounts of weight applied to the vest. Con rats completed the same exercise protocol without applied resistance. No difference in cross-sectional, medullary, or cortical bone area was observed between Ex and Con rats in the tibial diaphysis. In contrast, the cancellous bone area in the proximal tibial metaphysis was significantly larger in trained rats. Trabecular number, trabecular thickness, and the percentage of cancellous bone covered by osteoid were significantly greater in the Ex animals compared with Con animals. In addition, steady-state mRNA levels for osteocalcin for the Ex group were 456% those expressed in the Con group. The data demonstrate that resistance training increases cancellous bone area in sexually mature male rats and suggest that it does so, in part, by stimulating bone formation.

So if you want to get stronger bones, you better start some lifting right now!

One by one we disprove the notions of the idiots that lifting is detrimental to health – like in the article where we discussed how deadlifting helps people with scoliosis. Now we prove that lifting increases one’s bone density and given that your backbones are literally filled with cancellous bones it makes sense that lifting early on can prevent cases of osteoporosis or bone degeneration in later life.

We also discussed that moderate to heavy lifting can actually increase your tendon strength and therefore we recommend that every athlete who utilize explosive movements (that are taxing to their tendons) to include lifting into their regular regimen.

Contrary to popular belief, motion and lifting are actually the greatest medicines God ever invented for man. Thus it does not surprise the Ironthumb that Lifting is actually proven to strengthen one’s bones and prevent breakdown.

Remember to take your milk and vitamin Ds regularly. I will be endign this article so that I can build a squat vest like the one above for my cute little hamster.

my cute hamster lifting weights

Oh that’s my cute mr. Schnibles hitting a plateu with his barbells (and he deadlifts a lot)! Who’s my cute hamstie??

Eat your eggs, people!

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