Do you Want to Lose 55 Pounds by December – The Ketogenic Meat and Eggs Diet

Is it possible to lose 55 pounds in a few months? – It’s one of the questions we have answered on Quora; I will share with you our reply to that. Off course we have edited the content quite a bit so it would look like a decent article. Enjoy!

Here’s the original query:

I am 14 years old and my weight is 95 kilograms. What is the best solution to lose 25 kg by December?


Our answer:

And, kid this is for you:

fatass kid


You want to lose 55 lbs. by December!? That’s crazy! But I can tell you the most effective way to lose fat in the shortest amount of time possible.

BTW you haven’t provided your weight and quite possibly your skinfold body fat % – so we can determine whether you are really fat. Why is that important you ask? Because the higher your body fat% the faster it will be to lose fat but the lower that is the slower you will lose them. So 55 pounds will be doable if you already have a high % body fat. That means if you are already lean off course you will end up losing next to no pounds at all.

Okay on to the advice:

From now on you will only eat meat, eggs, and vegetables (only salad green leafy veggies, okay?).

No CARBS!!! You cannot drink any sort of soda NO SODA!!

If possible do some intermittent fasting

Lift weights! Nothing can be better at quick starting fat loss process but gaining CALORIE CONSUMING MUSCLE TONE! The better muscle tone you have – the more calories your body consumes on a daily basis by maintenance alone!

Or lift some swine! (farmer walks are BAD-ASS!)

Asian Strongman with pigs farmer walks

Don’t worry about restricting carbohydrates – it will not restrict muscle gain
Carbohydrate Restriction – Will it Restrict Muscle Gain as Well – The answer is NO!
As long as you make up with meat and fat consumption.

So basically you will be in a High protein, High Fat, Low to NO Carb diet

Your diet should basically look like this:

real foods how bodybuilders must eat


You will most likely notice a huge change in weight at first especially if you are really obese, (but this will only be water weight at first since too much carbs cause water retention).

And also follow the three brain dead steps for fat loss I have outlined below:
3 Brain Dead Simple Tips You Can – SHOULD do right now to Lose Fat

Which are:

1) Drink LOTS and LOTS of water
I cannot count how many times I have been asked for advice on how to lose weight by a person who apparently has gone through every diet known to man – ONLY to find out that she/he isn’t drinking enough water!

2) Avoid anything that is Packaged
Anything that is packaged means that it is made in the factory, and filled with preservatives and artificial food stuffs and additives. If you are really serious about losing weight then starting today, you will eat ONLY real foods and real drinks.

This includes packaged coffee, juices, etc. If you don’t have access to real brewed coffee, or if you don’t have any way to juice your fruits and vegies, then just settle with WATER!



You cannot go wrong with this one. Real foods and only real foods; that also means no more fast food for you; so if you’re going to work you would have to cook your own meal pack your lunch with you.

Oh by the way, especially avoid the ones that say “DIET”, “sugar free” or “Low fat”, “fat free”, etc. These foods are actually more dangerous and are less natural as well. You see food only tastes like food because of their fat and natural calorie content. Now companies suck these out from the food and replace them with chemicals that can still make them taste like the original.

And last but NOT the least:

3) Avoid Bread at ALL COST!

Bread is one of the most fattening and unhealthiest piece of fluff that one can push down their throat. You see, bread isn’t like what it was used to be. Now the ingredients of bread are genetically modified to reproduce faster and grow quicker.

Actually every time I eat some bread I end up feeling bloated afterwards and it sucks, really. I am sure most people experience that as well.

For breakfast replace your bread with eggs instead. Studies show that people who ate eggs instead of bagels ended up losing weight. And those are supposed to be the “healthy” bagels. Eggs are magical; eggs will help you build lean mass and lose unwanted fats. Fats in eggs are healthy fats that will help reduce the amount of unwanted cholesterol or LDL. Studies show that eggs are 100% safe and healthy.

So there you go! You might not end up losing that 55 pounds you wanted (but then you might also end up losing MORE) but I guarantee that if you follow all of the pointers above, you will experience fat loss and well-being like you have never experienced before – EVEN if you have tried all of those popular HOGWASH fads on “fitness” and “weight loss” programs out there (in exchange for a credit card number), good to know that this guide is FOR FREE!! YEHEY! You will find this guide especially effective if you were previously munching on junk foods and always eating on fast foods.

Any comments and feedback? What do you, readers think? Is it possible for someone to lose that much in a few months? Please share this article using the share buttons below or on the left if you know someone who will benefit from this article! God bless you all and eat your eggs, people!

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