Do NOT look at Other Lifters’ Results and NEVER Compare your Lifts to Theirs

Today’s the 27th of December, definitely the gyms that were closed for the Christmas season (ours wasn’t) are back on service again – well until January 1st that is. So you go in and bust your ass through a grueling workout, especially since you missed the iron so much during the Christmas season and your extra calories and protein you ate from all those pastas and hams are fueling you for an intense workout.

But the thing is for some lifters, the times they spend in the gym are wasted talking to people and admiring other’s physiques and numbers. That has got to stop.

Look, I am not telling you that you must not be inspired by other people’s success – but when it comes to lifting, your attention must be 100% kept to yourself and only for yourself. This time in the gym is your “meditation” time. Looking at other people’s results will only blast your equilibrium out of its orbit and it will make your workouts “About them” instead of “About you”, you hear me?

Most people’s lifts and regimens are ruined just be comparing themselves to other’s.  So there is a tough guy in your gym right now and he’s using incredible poundage, so you try to “outpound” his lifts? Doesn’t it occur to you that he himself might just be minding his own business and is on his own rightful “low rep” scheme cycle in his periodizations and he is most probably NOT EVEN NOTICING YOUR EFFORTS!

That strong dude got to where he is right now because he has developed the habit of NOT CARING about those around him when he lifts. When he lifts it’s just him and the iron, which is what got him to where he is right now. So it is really improbable that he is seeing the competitive challenge that you are setting right now when you try to out-lift him.

I had this experience before, I noticed that some kid‘s trying to imitate my lifts and off course he ended up doing everything in a bad form. I think he got a little surprised when I suddenly did light weight, slow reps on the last exercise. Too bad I think he would have done a lot better have he just concentrated on his own poundages and doing his best to squeeze his muscles with every rep.

Another thing about looking too much at other people’s results is that it will ruin your intensity since you compare yourself too much to him that you develop doubts about yourself. That is a bad, depressing place to be – just concentrate on your own lifts and results and make sure that you get enough time under tension with them; doesn’t matter if that is only the half of what the other guy lifts or if you are smaller than the other dude.

Muscle inspirational, Danny Padilla & Ed Corney:

Danny Padilla & Ed Corney

You need all the positive emotions that you can get from yourself for maximum results so don’t ruin your psyche just because of comparing yourself too much to others. Keep in mind that the big dude was also once a weakling. Remember good psyche equals good results. So be psyched up not down!

So guys, we appreciate competition and intensity but not to the extent that you will ruin your program just because you saw somebody else doing better poundages.

Remember that bodybuilding is about TIME UNDER TENSION and the quality of reps and mind-muscle connection, not how many pounds you throw around mindlessly.

If you want competition remember that you can always get your own training partner to ramp you up but by no means must you be affected by other lifters (who are not lifting with you as training partners) when you workout. Till next time, eat your eggs, people!

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4 thoughts on “Do NOT look at Other Lifters’ Results and NEVER Compare your Lifts to Theirs

  1. That’s very good advice, even in general application.

    I have to ask myself – Am I better now, than I was a month, 2 months ago?
    Like Tony Robbins said – It’s progress that makes you happy, not stagnation, on any level that you might think its cool to be on.

    ”Today is your victory over yourself of yesterday, tomorrow is your victory over a lesser man.”
    Miyamoto Musashi

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