Deadlifts and Pushups at Home, feat. Negatives Pushups – Great When There’s a Snow Storm Outside

ushup in between chairs

There’s a Snow storm affecting the entire metro area (DC, MD, VA) at the time of writing this post. For the guys out there affected by this storm be careful and be safe. And off course if you’re in an affected area of a snow storm, the wisest thing to do would be to stay at home and make sure that your utilities are working (especially gas) to keep you warm inside the house.

This is a bad news for many lifters out there. This means that you might be missing your training day if it falls today, and not many lifters have their own weights at home.

Below are some ways you can train inside without needing to go to the gym:

Deadlifts – if you have a simple bar and some plates at home heavy enough for your 5 rep max deadlifts, you can use that for today and just make this day a special “deadlift” training day. You can work up to your 1 rep max today or you can work up to completing 30 reps with your 3-5 rep max.

Car dead lifts- If you don’t have weights at home you can deadlift your car if it’s parked in a closed garage.

Pushups – if the deadlift option is no good for you – then another perfect option would be to do “pushups”!

Pushups is the number 1 CNS involvement exercise for chest!

That is what makes pushups the perfect workout especially if you want to work your chest at home. Pushups have the most CNS involvement among all the chest exercises out there – which means that it can cause greater adaptive response (ergo: GROWTH) and it can even do a better job at making your chests grow than bench press, no kidding!

A photo of Franco Columbu doing pushups in between two chairs – doing so increases the possible range of motion of the move:

franco columbu pushups

The only problem is if you can very easily do it with your own bodyweight. But if that’s the case don’t worry; below I have enumerated some other ways to do your pushups so that it will induce an adaptive response (hypertrophy/ muscle growth).

Clap pushups – Clap pushups are great and it is challenging even for those who can do as many as 40 reps of normal body weight pushups. Clap pushups are also the best for training chest muscles for explosiveness. Try to complete 50-100 reps of claps pushups – it doesn’t matter how many sets it may take you. I am sure by 50 reps your pecs would be as fried as hell!

100 Rep Dips – Centuries of dips, dips are the perfect exercise for chest like pushups. In this post I have discussed how I did 100 reps of dips using chair arm rests.

Weighed pushups – if you have plates at home, or some heavy backpacks; you can use that to increase the resistance. Just make sure that you have a spotter to help you place and remove the weights to and from your back.

Better option: You girlfriend straddles your wide back while you do your pushups.

Negatives pushups – My personal favorite! This works best if you have a “heavy” person in your house. If you have a 300 pound obese housemate, that is so perfect!

What you need to do is first do some normal warm-up pushups for a few sets until you’re fired up. Then once you’re ready just have your housemate step on your back and force you to the ground and then you fight off the resistance for as long as you can and for as many reps as you can. You need to put at least a pillow where your face touches the ground by the way.

Repeat that until you can no longer fight off the resistance. Once that happens have your partner remove his/her feet and just fight off gravity as you lower your body slowly for at least 4 seconds. And once you cannot even lower your own bodyweight slowly, then congratulations! You just reached failure with bad-ass negatives using nothing else but you and your partner’s bodyweight! Eat your eggs, people and stay safe (not a condom ad!) in this rough weather!

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