Deadlift to Condition Your Type 2 Muscle Fibres ALL AROUND YOUR BODY – Put Your Fast Twitch Muscles Up For Mass HIRING

There are generally two types of skeletal muscle fibres in out body – type 1 slow twitch fibers; which are great for endurance type activities which would require long and steady effort. And Type two fibers or fast twitch fibres; these are your “explosive” fibres which have a more powerful contractility and God placed them there for activities that require relatively short bursts of power in a very little amount of time.

Obviously we would not be able to function properly in life if we lack one of them. But to us lifters it is off utmost importance to condition our bigger and meaner type 2 fibres as these are what we mainly use in lifting.

Although yes, it is given that a pretty balanced ratio of both type 1 and type 2 fibers is required to become a very successful bodybuilder but all things being equal, you would probably need more of the fast and big ones.

Although it is not proven by studies that changing fiber types from type 1 to 2 to be possible, what we really need to do is to condition our body to make these fast-twitch fibers stand out and develop even the little that we have. Doing so will give us more power and off course make us appear “bigger” as fast twitch fibres are generally bigger than type 1s.

And the best way to achieve that is by doing a lot of DEADLIFTS

And off course IF indeed muscle fibre types morph from type 1 to 2 – that is gonna be a huge bonus and if that happens we will surely achieve that by doing a lot of deadlits as well.

Deadlifts is the undisputed “God the father” of all lifts. Deadlifts condition your body not only for growth but for athletic performance as it conditions raw and pure strength and stability. Even MARATHON runners need deadlifts!! And let us not even get started on hormonal release that deadlifts stimulate as it works not only your lower body, but definitely your upper body as well,

And basically works almost every last bit of your body’s skeletal muscles!!

Although deadlifts takes no muscle to an extensive range of motion, the stimulus created by deadlifts is irreplaceable by any other lift and builds on your foundations like nothing else does. Thus if muscle and strength gains are your goals – then you should never miss out on doing deadlifts for at least once every workout cycle.

Here are all the muscle groups activated by deadlifts.:

deadlift muscle activation


Damn, that’s a handful! And take note that they are all activated to do a “fast-twitch” move! Which means that with deadlifts you basically train all skeletal muscles around your body to exert explosive power and thus you condition your body to increase its recruitment for fast twitch fibres; it’s like creating employment demand for your big, bad, fast twitch muscle fibres!

It’s like creating a HUGE employment demand for your big, bad, fast twitch muscle fibres!

And with your body – if there is demand and you give it proper nourishment; it will surely HIRE a lot of fast twitch fibres, since that is what it detects that you need. So guys don’t forget to regularly do some “deads”; remember: “They ain’t called DEAD lifts for nothin’!!” Eat your eggs, people!

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