Carbohydrate Restriction – Will it Restrict Muscle Gain as Well

Follow @AboutLifting Will restricting carbohydrates make you lose your muscles? Lifters who are trying to lose fat especially competitive bodybuilders know the fat-burning benefits of going low-carb and compensating with the fat and meat intake. The best approach for this […]

Will Creatine Supplementation Make My Kidneys Explode – My GOD You Won’t Wanna Miss This!!

Will supplementing with creatine monohydrate negatively affect my kidneys? According to our “geniuses” yes! But well unfortunately according to science that’s no, no, no and no! Yep, I know that you only got two kidneys, I feel for you. I got […]

Saying “I Don’t Want to Be TOO BIG (or Muscular)” is Sour-Grapping

I get this “Oh I don’t want to be that big” all the time from guys I talk to either at the gym or at work. When I show them pics of some pros like Martinez, Dexter, or even Grimek […]

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