Are Body Builders and Lifters in High Protein Diet More Prone to Contracting Intestinal WORMS – Vegans Can be Stupid Sometimes

Follow @AboutLifting People, humans, Homo sapiens, need protein. This is especially true for athletes more so for bodybuilders and weight lifters who endure constant bouts under the iron and require at least 1.5 – 2 grams of protein per pound […]

Will The Vacuum Abdominal Exercise Promote Spot Reduction to the Belly – The Great misconception and Why Vacuums are Like Wearing Corsets

Stomach vacuums are a great way to promote a smaller and firmer midsection. But some trainees will get the misconception that I am suggesting that it promotes SPOT REDUCTION to the stomach. This simply isn’t the case no matter how […]

Will Creatine Supplementation Make My Kidneys Explode – My GOD You Won’t Wanna Miss This!!

Will supplementing with creatine monohydrate negatively affect my kidneys? According to our “geniuses” yes! But well unfortunately according to science that’s no, no, no and no! Yep, I know that you only got two kidneys, I feel for you. I got […]

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