Why 200 Pounds can Be Heavier than 300 Pounds – Progress with STRICT Form Before going Heavy

Some people believe that one cannot do any sort of progression without increasing poundage (myself included). This sometimes leads to bad and dangerous form. Although there’s an advantage to hoisting heavier and heavier weight over time – since it will […]

A Dietary Scheme that the “fitness” Industry NEVER taught you – Intermittent Fasting For Weight Lifters and Bodybuilders By P.D Mangan

Good Day fellow lifters! Today we are blessed indeed as in our house, is no other than the great Mangan of Rouge Health and Fitness! I have been an avid follower of Pd Mangan from the days of Mangan’s drift, […]

3 Brain Dead Simple Tips You Can – SHOULD do right now to Lose Fat

Losing weight should be quite a concern to people, especially in the developed countries. Obesity is becoming more and more aggressive with each passing day, killing more and more people with chronic illnesses; or should I say that all the […]

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