Squats, Deadlifts and Bench Presses ERGO Lifting Weights Strengthen the Bones – IN 24 WEEKS TIME

Lifting weights have been proven by science to be good for your bones. In a research done in 2011 they found that 24 weeks of lifting weights has significantly increased bone mineral density in healthy young men. Changes in Bone […]

Walk for a Cause – For the Poor MUSCLES Go Walk with Something HEAVY

To be able to make any progress (muscle, fitness and strength gains) a lifter must focus on the big basics (squats, deadlifts, and barbell presses) and work for gradual overload so that his body may adapt to his training. But […]

Learning to Manifest and “feel” the “Force” and the Explosion – Great Help for Your Vertical Jump

Whenever you exert force and explosive moves, you must first have the “feel” of controlling and escalating the “force”. At first there is no feeling of it – you will strive to exert as much force as you can but […]

Bodybuilders Have More Balanced Type 1 to Type 2 Muscle Fiber Ratios

That means that compared to power lifters, and weightlifters, bodybuilders comparatively have more type1 muscle fiber. Now this doesn’t mean that you should start running marathons. This just proves that training must be specific to your goals – off course […]

Does Lifting Weights Strengthen Bones

Yes! Lifting weights does strengthen the bones! Lifting weights increase the density of you cancellous bones. Cancellous bones are kind of like the steel rods in the bone structure and therefore play a great part in the strength of your […]

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