A Home Regimen that will get You Pumped up Like You were Chased by a Beast – This is HOW you do H.I.I.E

ushup in between chairs

One curious fellow asked me this question a little while ago: “What is the best work out to be done at home?” Man, I hate that term “work out”! First of all home exercises are great ESPECIALLY if you have […]

Lifting to “Failure” Is Not a Good Idea for Athletes and Power Lifters – Especially Shot-put Throwers

“Failure” is a very effective tool for anyone who wishes to achieve results in lifting. Failure is defined as continuing reps until you can no longer get your muscle to do any more for the time being; this is what […]

Neural/Power Training and “Pump” Training in One Day, A Very Convenient Semi-Whole Body Split – Great for Those With Busy Schedules

Right now I can only go to the gym for a maximum of 3 days in a week. The result is that I have to make the most out of every session. Thus I found a way to do both […]

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