The 3 Part Training Regimen – A Very Simple Brain Dead Way of Constructing your Lifting Regimen

forward smith squat for glutes and hams

There are ways of properly constructing one’s weight-lifting regimen especially if your goal is building muscle mass. You just have to ensure that you have sufficiently stimulated the target muscle groups – no more (as it may lead to under-recovery […]

The NO SWEAT Workout Regimen – And How to Get by With Just a Few Pairs of Dumbbells

Lately I have been forced to sway from my normal lifting routine into something else that is definitely “no sweat”. First of all, you know I love sweat and you know that I hate corporate gyms for their air-conditioning. I […]

Superset Cross-Overs with Dips – Perfect when Chest Development Hits a Stand-Still

Has your chest development been suffering a stand-still lately? So you are already doing well on all your bench presses and can out-lift almost everybody in the gym. Technically, your lifts for chest have been improving but inspite of that, you are seeing […]

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