Bulk Your Shoulder With 5 Simple Exercises

Bulk Your Shoulder

Strong shoulders help to enhance the overall outlook of the upper body. They offer the needed support and also protects the spinal cord. For that reason, you should engage in the right exercises that will help to bulk your shoulder muscles. Calisthenics is one of the recommended workouts when it comes to building specific body muscles.

Why Calisthenics Are Perfect For Your Shoulders

Calisthenics is all about working out using your body weight. No weight-lifting of any sort. One major advantage of body-weight workouts is that you can do them anywhere and at any time. Also, they tend to be safer than weight-lifting.
This means that you are less likely to get injured as you engage in the workouts. Some of the weight-lifting workouts can injure your shoulder muscles or joints since they might be too heavy for them.
Free-weight workouts are also flexible in terms of the intensity. You can adjust them as you wish just to make them extra challenging and allow you to have a productive work out in the end. Above all, they are fun to do. This way, you will enjoy working out while building your muscles as well.

The Ideal Workouts for Bulk Shoulders

Start With a Warm-up
Before anything, you should prepare your muscles for the forthcoming workout. Whether you are a professional or a beginner, you must do some warm-ups ahead of any other exercise. Warm-ups also help to prevent any possible injury.
To do it, start by standing on your feet, and straighten your back. After that, touch your shoulders with respective hands, then rotate your elbows clockwise and anticlockwise. Do this for about 30 seconds, then change the drill.
The next drill is to loosen up your hands, then straighten your fingers and fold the arms to almost touching the shoulders. Straighten the forearm quickly, and fold it back up slowly. Repeat this for about 30 seconds as well.
You can then stretch your muscles by holding the top of the spinal cord with your fingers, and push back your elbows. Maintain this position for about 5 seconds and repeat with the other hand.

1. Decline Pike Push-Ups

This is a good workout that will perfectly build your shoulders. They are the best workouts to go for if you cannot do the advanced handstand push-ups.
How To Do
Get in the normal pushup stance, but place your feet up on a chair or bench. Ensure that you push your butt out before you start going down. After that, simply move your upper body to the floor slowly, and get back up. For an effective workout, pause for around 3 seconds before pushing up. Ensure that the chair or bench is stable enough to avoid any possible slips or injury.

2. Knee Push-Ups

Knee Push Up
This workout is quite easy to do but can deliver amazing results if you do it correctly. It is all about shifting your body weight towards your upper body for an effective workout.

How To Do
Start by placing your hands and knees on the floor. You can opt to suspend your feet slightly above the ground or let them rest on the floor as well. The arms should be straight, and your hands should be placed shoulder-wide. Tighten your abs and push out your upper back slightly outwards. You should place your hips slightly in front of the knees to make the workout extra intense.
Once you are in the right position, start lowering the upper body and pause when the body is almost touching the floor. Push back to the initial position and repeat for around ten times.

3. Push-Up Plank

Push-up Plank
If you know how to do the regular plank for stretching your muscles, this workout shouldn’t give you a hard time. It doesn’t only help to give you bigger shoulders but also helps to strengthen the stabilizing muscles in them.
How To Do
Take the traditional plank position, but rest on your palms, rather than the forearms. After that, stretch your body to the maximum, and start moving down slowly. However, when you feel that the lower back or the hips start to sag, stop the workout immediately.
Remember to keep your hips above the floor, and only move your upper body.

4. Decline Push-Ups

This is yet another great workout that delivers the effectiveness of the handstand pushups and the regular pushups. It means that you will build both your shoulders and the chest muscles. They are also easy and can be done by anyone.
How to do it
Place your hands shoulder-wide on the floor as you maintain straights arms. Your feet should be placed closely on a raised platform like a chair, but don’t raise your butt like in the decline pike pushups. Tighten your lower back and abs, then start lowering your upper body to the floor. Only your chin should touch the floor when doing this pushup. Tense your shoulder, chest and biceps as you push back up.

5. Y-T-W-Ls

This is supposedly the simplest of all, but you need to master the moves accordingly. You can do them by bending your upper body at 90 degrees or lying on the floor facedown. After that make the letters Y, T, W, and L with your arms.
It’s all about stretching and folding your arms in the process. Ensure that you tighten your shoulder muscles as you do these moves. For an ideal workout, do 10 moves for every letter. Rest after all the four letters and repeat accordingly. When doing the Ls, alternate the hands to balance the tension on each side.


Always remember to warm up before any workout to flex the muscles and prevent any muscle pull in the event. Also, make the workout consistent enough to achieve better results.




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