Bodybuilding is Trickier than Sports and Power Lifting – The Influence of Bioenergetics and Getting into the Muscle Growth Field

What the hell? Bioenergetics? Sounds like some pumped up bro-science? Actually not. Bioenergetics simply refers to the biological energy systems that certain human activities activate or tapp into. Namely these three: lactic acid, ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) , and Aerobic.

Now we say that bodybuilding is more complicated than other sports, why is that? You see with other activities let’s say; strongman or power-type lifting – one would only train around the ATP (source of explosive muscle contractions) bioenergetic region; a marathon runner would be training around the “Aerobic” region; a grappler would train around the “lactic acid” region with a slight activation from the “aerobic” field; and so on.

Now, a bodybuilder’s is a more complex one. A bodybuilder needs to play around the ATP region and the Lactic Acid region of the bioenergetic field, hence the purpose of doing periodizations.

A bodybuilder’s main objective is what other athletes consider as a side effect which is Hypertrophy or muscle gain.

Hence a bodybuilder must play around nicely within the bioenergetic field which the Bulgarians illustrate as such (see below):

bioenergetic field

Now don’t be confused – we are only using this model of bioenergetics to make a point and illustrate the importance of consistent periodization of a bodybuilder’s regimen. Even if that table above seems a little bit outdated as far as modern science and chemistry goes it still points to the basic fact that muscle building is indeed trickier than any other training goals since muscle growth in itself doesn’t occur at only one portion of the field but instead AROUND a certain part of it which the Bulgarians like to call the “Muscle Growth Field”. And this Muscle Growth Field as we can see involves a good balance and variety of power training (ATP) and Volume (Lactic Acid), and that’s the bottom line!

Eat your eggs, people!

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