Foods For Lowering Blood Sugars That Results In Weight Loss

As you plan on cutting your weight, you also have to be keen on balancing your blood sugar. Not so many individuals know which foods to choose that can help them lose weight and at the same time balance their blood sugar levels.

It is time to change your mind when it comes to dieting and keeping fit. By aiming less on fads and more on keeping a healthy balance of what you consume, you will place your body on a level many diets do not consider. That is, stabilizing your blood sugar.


Your blood sugar level is determined by the amount of glucose circulating in your bloodstream. The Glucose comes from the food you eat.  The glucose supplies energy to blood cells or may be stored in your body for future use. A well-balanced sugar level is important for your body fitness as well as regulating your hormones, increasing your metabolism and helps in burning stored fat to assist you to cut weight.

Too much glucose results to high blood-sugar levels, which is stored as fat since your body is unable to break down the excess glucose. However, not taking enough glucose can still result in one gaining more weight and low sugar levels, making your whole body be in starvation mode. During this mode, your body burns lean muscles instead of the excess fat.

Here are a few tips on how to balance your blood sugar level as well as cutting down weight.

Eat in 3s

Eating in 3s is essential. That is, eat after every three hours and split your meal into thirds: 1/3 carbs, 1/3 protein, and 1/3 fat. Naturally, our bodies need to eat after every three hours. Once you wait longer, your body changes to starvation mode, since it automatically assumes that the food is scarce and stores fat for future use instead of breaking it down. Ensure you take something within one hour of waking up and then after every three hours.

Dividing your food into an equal ratio of fat, carb and protein will assist you to maintain your blood sugar level. A good example of what you can take in the course of the day include; taking oatmeal, egg whites, and turkey bacon as breakfast, avocado on a wheat bun with turkey burger as lunch and butter and sweet potato with a small portion of steak as dinner.

And it gets better: As your blood sugar normalizes by sticking to the 3s rule, your body releases the stored fat. You eat more as you get leaner, which is the power of having the lean muscle. You can always take as many veggies as you want since they are packed with nutrients and vitamins your body requires and are low in calories.

Prepare a portable Food Kit

It is essential to carry a snack kit so as you can eat after every three hours regardless of where you are. This will help you keep track on your progress of cutting weight and balancing blood sugar level.

Always drink three liters of water mixed with cinnamon

Mixing cinnamon with water is good for losing weight as well as balancing blood sugar level. Research shows that taking a half teaspoon of cinnamon everyday reduces blood sugar levels by 30%, and lowers cholesterol and triglyceride levels to reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack. Drinking three liters of water mixed with two drops cinnamon per liter helps with constipation and digestion.

Keep your spine in line by rolling

This might be new to you, but aligning your spine aids in weight loss. The spinal nerves play a role in controlling food passage through the digestive tract. A spine that is in line helps in proper digestion and elimination of waste and toxins to help in cutting weight. Rolling three times a day using a roller will not only assist with cutting weight but also one feels good too!

Exercise your muscles for 15 minutes daily

Your skeletal muscle consists of two types of muscle fibers: the white muscles and the red muscles. The white muscles are triggered when you do exercises like running upstairs or skipping ropes, while the red muscles are activated when doing simple exercises like walking. When working out, you burn fat; hence it is important to work out.

Take three ounces of protein before indulging in a cheat

Once in a while, we cheat on our healthy diet with carbs. However, there is a wrong and a right way to do so. Before taking fries, chocolate bar, cake or drinking alcohol, take three ounces of protein first. You can take three ounces of Greek yogurt, three ounces of cottage cheese or three ounces of turkey breast. Protein will always be your friend when you want to consume heavy carbs; it aids in slowing down digestion. But avoid cheating more than three times a week so that your blood sugar level remains balanced.

Beans should be part of your weekly menu

The hummus, garbanzo beans, and lentils are rich in fiber, have low fat and are a good type of protein. Taking beans once or twice a week is important. Beans normalize the blood sugar levels and help in digestion. Before cooking beans, soak them overnight to help in digestion.

Taking greens in every meal

Green are rich in calcium and fiber that helps in digestion. Always eat greens at every meal. The most nutritious greens include broccoli, chard, tomatoes, spinach and kale.

Try the hCG diet

Low Calorie HCG diet is one of the best and effective ways of cutting down weight that can give you the outcome you have always wanted. The hCG diet drops reduces around 600 calories a day and is only taken within a period of eight weeks only. It can be taken as sprays, pellets or oral drops.

Avoid foods that release energy faster

Consuming meals that release energy faster results in irritation, hunger and fatigue feelings. Foods with refined sugar as well as processed foods increase your blood sugar levels – they release their glucose faster. Try eliminating processed foods and food with refined sugar from your everyday diet.

With all the above tips, you are good to go in your journey for balancing your blood sugar level as well as cutting down weight. Why wait? Start today, and within a short period, you will start experiencing the changes on your body as you always desired. Tuning up your mind and taking the above actions is all you need to maintain your blood sugar levels as well.

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