Being BigBad is not all About Measurements – It’s about the Whole Package

Measurements are RELATIVE. Yes, we all want to be Bigger, Stronger, Faster – big chests, big guns, big shoulders, etc. So we train all the way and base our success on the holy tape measure – all for the glorious quest of looking awesome and big and bad.
While it cannot be denied that bigger measurements makes a lifter … well…BIGGER! One must realize that looking awesome and looking BIG doesn’t entirely depend on the size and measurements of the muscle groups alone:
Looking big depends on how the muscle groups look in relation to other body parts around them.

  • This means that big chests mean nothing if you’re hunchback because of lagging back development!
  • This means that a wide V-taper don’t mean shit if your waist is wider than a whore’s cunt!
  • This means that a well-developed upper body is meaningless and just looks stupid if it just looks like a square because of lack of shape and imbalanced development!
  • This means that huge biceps are worthless if your triceps look like a doll’s arm!

Ever wondered why the bodybuilders of the old looked more awesome and not much smaller than the bodybuilders of today even if they REALLY ARE comparatively VERY small in measurements anyways? Because the likes of Sergio Olivia or Frank Zane never had GH guts!


Small Waists and stomach make your Torso look even bigger than they really are, in this case Eiferman’s torso looked just as pristine as the bodybuilder on the right because of his total physique and small waists but in reality his size is like that of a child compared to that of the modern bodybuilder:

bodybuilders stomach classic vs modern

And so on, and I do think you already got what I meant didn’t you?
The thing you need to remember is this – if heavy is relative, BIG is ALSO RELATIVE! This means that it is relative to how your ratio and proportion looks naturally, including your bone structure, and also relative to how tall you are. For instance it’s not realistic for someone below 5 foot five inches to covet the 20 inch arms of his 6 foot tall peer.

But at the same time the 5 foot guy has an advantage over his six foot tall co-lifter since his 17 inch guns will already look big on him and looks just as awesomely big as the 6 foot guy’s 20 inch guns (although roughly the same amount of work and diet and lifestyle modifications have been required to achieve both results).

So the take home message this Monday is avoid relying too much on measurements or be too obsessed about the mostly fake measurements you see on the magazines (but Lee Priest’s guns really ARE 20 inch BIG – NO BS!). Take a look at the whole picture – take your ratio and proportion in consideration and do not allow your muscle groups to develop in a very imbalanced manner. Eat your eggs, A-Lifters!

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