Become a TESTOSTERONE filled Man

We’re back on another TESTOSTERONE – filled episode of our About lifting Carnival!

If you are reading here at About Lifting; that simply tells me that you want to gain strength, gain muscle size, look better, etc, but why? Because you simply want to GROW as a man. You take care of yourself you don’t let yourself go.

And now we have several Testosterone-filled articles for your growth as a man-beast and as a man; yeah- a TESTOSTERONE-FILLED MAN!

be filled with testosterone (and horseshoes) like this guy:

the ironthumb

Update: you can find the whole series of our Testosterone link fests by clicking the TESTOSTERONE tab on the menu. ^

First off, with Keoni; if you are a father in divorce with some batsh#t mother of your child- would you want equal custody? *Do you know that you have been programmed to eat fast food and eat crappy foods since you were on 1st grade?

Matt has another one of his great writings at Why the Manosphere is Angry. AND by the way; do you know that if your girl drinks around she’s also f*cking around? Or, , maybe she’s just making some new friends, right?

Stamir on: Two things can give your fitness efforts a huge boost- a great challenge
and a great partner. Find out more about both!

Another great way to grow as a man is to train yourself learning several languages; here’s a great Spanish – learning resource that will surely be worth your while.

We have another article from a famous fitness writer, Sloan. Today he discusses about the Bulgarian method here: In the latest issue of Planet Muscle (July, 2013), I have an article that deals with what is commonly called the “Bulgarian method” of high-frequency training.  To be honest, it’s probably one of the most “non-bodybuilding” pieces I’ve ever written for any of the major muscle magazines.  I’m glad Jeff Everson actually printed it (I had my doubts when I sent it to him.). . . read more here

We have Ben this week – Learn about the role of protein when it comes to optimal physique, health and performance, the best sources and how much to eat per day from Ben Ballinger of Training Ground OC, a top strength and conditioning gym in Costa Mesa.

Bill on Killing in Self defense part 5: I was sitting on the deck Saturday night at my favorite watering hole with a friend of mine, Henry who lives on his sailboat parked just off the marina of the Island I live on, Daphne, who I had just met and was flirting with, Diedre, who’s been after me for forever to go out with her and Diedre’s daughter Olivia who’s too young for me but is cute as hell and if I were ten years younger would be mine. We had a pretty good view of the TV’s that are scattered all over the bar and when the verdict in the George Zimmerman case was announced, the owners changed the channels to Fox News and CNN so all the patrons could see the. . Read more

Visit Victor in his pride as he tells you how to become a go getter instead of a loser who dreams away his life: No-getters hate their jobs and do nothing about it except play online games and gossip. Though inactive at their job, no-getters are actively envious, jealous and resentful of go-getters because go-getters go get what they want. No-getters stay in jobs they hate, go-getters don’t.

Now Stan will tell you how to prepare fit meals; If you want to lose weight then the first thing that you will need to think about is your meals. By definition, fit meals should make you fit, but it is also more than that. They need to give you certain benefits that your own regular meals cannot. They also need to be more nutritious, more filling and more conducive to your body’s metabolism. So having said all of that, here are several tips to help you get started.

Randy will tell you how to maximize nutrients against diseases here: It is well known among people who are interested in living longer, that the best natural way to deal with most physical ailments is an adjustment in the amount of nutrients consumed daily. This also means that you must eliminate the things in your diet that are affecting your health in a negative way. The great majority of doctors DO NOT discuss nutrition with their patients but are very fast to prescribe a drug that will “solve” the health issue at hand. You are usually on your own when trying to find out which natural methods may be better and more effective at healing your. . Read more

Now let’s hear it from Athol kay: The takeaway is that in relationship terms, I have power over her and thus control the relationship. . Read more on Relationship power vs Give and Take

Off course Heartiste is also on our list today telling us why chicks did jerks; Now where have we seen that “Chicks Dig [Killers]” formulation before? Oh yeah.I’m beginning to suspect, though the evidence is circumstantial, that some esteemed and popular pundits are regular snoopers of the. .

Will, on the Roissy of the 21st century: We’re proudly reactionary, maybe even sexist pigs here at Patriactionary, so we can say horrible, misogynist things like “women are naturally more nurturing.. .

Say doesn’t that fill you with testosterone? Don’t give up your Testosterone, guys! The world needs it!

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  1. Hey there 🙂 I accedentally deleted your comments in my blog (the ones that linked to this carnival). I get a lot of spam… Anyway feel free to comeback and post the link again 🙂

    1. Thanks bro! If that is true then you’d get big and buff soon enough; send me a pic when you do! Eat your eggs guys!

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