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So today we have a question about lifting to burn fat: Do you burn fat better with exercise or lifting OR is calorie restriction enough? A team of researchers led by Joan C. Murphy (Preferential reductions in intermuscular and visceral adipose tissue with exercise-induced weight loss compared with calorie restriction) were also asking the same question in their research.
Man! How these studies remind me of my nursing school days with nursing research- I guess those difficult methodologies they burned into our brains are actually helping me understand these papers; actually not only that but now I actually enjoy reading these seemingly complex papers and abstracts like a freak who finds something which nobody finds enjoyable to be actually entertaining. It’s like realizing that it’s like reading a literature which is in another language and nobody else around you truly understands. I know these might be all like Japanese to some of you but really once you get the main points of these researches there is really nothing more you need to worry about, as long as you get the gist, so bear with me and just sit back and relax as we go through this research because this one proves a very important point.

Well so much about that here we go. Basically the subjects were men and women (50–60 yr; body mass index of 23.5–29.9 kg/m2) and underwent either calorie restriction, an exercise regimen, or nothing in particular (control group) –now that “control” doesn’t mean that they control something or any stuff like that- they comparable to the respondents who take the placebo; you can call them the “placebo” group if you’d prefer that.

Going further they used hi tech MRI (together with some other data) scans to scan the fat deposits before and after the period of experimentation. The results that both the Calorie restriction group and the Exercise group lost a comparable amount of weight, of course the control group hardly lost any weight at all. However when they compared the total amount of fat deposits lost (intermuscular and vascular adipose tissues) between the Calorie restriction group and the Exercise group (of course the Control group lost next to nothing):

IMAT and VAT reductions were nearly twofold greater (P ≤ 0.05) in the EX group than in the CR group (IMAT: −45 ±5 vs. −25 ± 5 ml; VAT: −490 ± 64 vs. −267 ± 61 ml)

Note: IMAT (intermuscular adipose tissue)—fat deposits in between the muscles

intermuscular fat
VAT (Visceral Adipose tissue) –peritoneal cavity fats; omental and perirenal fat covering digestive tract and kidney, respectively OR “belly fat”. Not Value Added Tax! No!!
Weigh loss can be caused by a lot of things – lotsa Fuckin’ things! – could have been caused by a gut size reduction due to lesser intake, water loss, carbohydrate-stores depletion, mineral loss or even hair loss!


Now when it comes to losing weight what we want to burn is the fats, especially the ones around the extremities and around the belly (IMAT and VAT respectively). Now it is very clear that exercising and lifting is the only way to do that; not STARVATION.
Therefore, to answer the question about lifting causing greater fat loss; we can say: Hell yeah!
(Journal of Applied Physiology January 1, 2012 vol. 112 no. 1 79-85)

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