Same Equipment Supersets for Biceps and Triceps – A Killer and Convenient Arm Workout in Less Than 30 Minutes

So how cool is that – today you will be playing with your pythons; it’s arms day baby! And like always we have another very effective but convenient regimen that will have you finishing your arms day in time for […]

Killer Bicep Workout in Less than 30 Minutes

If you ever wondered “why the hell aren’t my arms growing?” and you have been doing your bicep lifts using the correct form, you are training your legs and hitting your back regularly, basically you got pretty much everything covered. […]

Killer Ab Workout – Vacuum Ab Routine That You Can Do Anywhere

So you want some washboard, flat abs, or smaller waist? Therefore you consult our “killer workouts” section for some sadistic ab routines. But don’t worry; I won’t let you do situps while hanging on a tree or make you do the tea-cup filling […]

Muscle Growth Requires Pain and Suffering – No Pain-Relievers or Cold Showers Allowed

  Are you up for it? Weight lifting and resistance training involves PAIN and SUFFERING (with capital letters) and the bad news is there is no other way around it like for instance taking OTC meds or taking Cold Showers […]

When will you see results from doing bicep curls – 5 Tips for Bigger arms in No TIME

Someone asked: “My Arms are 12 inches and do 15 pounds with 3 sets of 15 – When will I see results from doing bicep curls?” You just couldn’t get this kind of arms from curls alone (featuring Chuck Sipes): […]

There’s NO Such Thing as Perfect Symmetry – What to do if the Right Side of my Body is bigger than the Left?

Shoulders, pectoral muscle, arms, face – my right side is larger. My right arm is my dominant hand and is therefore stronger. What can I do to have my left side catch up in terms of size and strength, for […]

Question About the Best Way to Do Push and Pull Training Splits – PUSH TO PULL MUSCLE GROWTH CLOSER TO YOU

A reader who we would refer to as “Pete” sent me an inquiry earlier via the CONTACT form and asked about which one of the two sets of regimens I would prefer and recommend him doing.   In the process […]

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