9 Fitness Hacks That Will Make Your Life Better in 2017

1 Drink Lemon Water

Adding a few drops of lemon to lukewarm water each morning will balance your pH, pack your body with nutrients including vitamin C, B-complex, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, and fiber, and it enhances enzyme function to stimulate the liver. It aids digestion, freshens breath, and provides a flash of hydration to start your day off right.


2 Go Into the Elements

Don’t join a gym. There’s a whole FRIENDS episode warning about gyms. And many other shows I can’t recall. Instead, put a few bucks in a jar every time you workout, as a reward for who is REALLY doing all the work. Unless there’s a hot tub, then I advise you reconsider joining. Or, get the PACT app, which allows you to bet on yourself for your own reward! If you don’t embody your own expectations, your money will go to others who reach their goals! Another tip, if you’re about to do a workout outside and it looks like it might rain, don’t let that stop you! Wrap your phone in cellophane to protect it from the elements. The bonus here is that the touchscreen function works the same! No worries.


3 Differ Your Sets

Change up your routine. It’s still best to pick the same time each day to workout, but once you’ve gotten into the habit, it starts to seem predictable, challenge yourself to switch up the workout routine. Heck, go from yogalates one day to a ghd machine at home to weightlifting on another day.


4 That Anti-Inflammatory Life

There is all sorts of literature out there in support of anti-inflammatory diets. Free from white sugars, flours, and nightshades, etc. Foods trigger inflammatory responses differently in each person. Experiment a little, to get to know your body. A great resource for this is “The Anti-Inflammation Cookbook” by Amanda Haas. She goes through each food group and how it triggers inflammation. We all know that the most frustrating thing is when you feel bloated and you can’t figure out why. A great extra little trick is to eat bitters about thirty minutes before a meal. It sounds crazy, but chewing on some dandelion greens before dinner will produce bile to break down your food, thus reducing belly bloat. But be sure not to eat too quickly or you’ll bloat anyway! The recommendation is to chew a bite of food until there’s no texture left, to be sure your body breaks it down well.


5 Eat Enough Fat


You have to support your body, in order for it to produce energy when you most need it. And you definitely need to have enough sugar and fat in your body to fuel you through your workout, so you don’t loose old muscle tone as your body tries to convert its own muscle mass into energy as a last resort.


6 Thank Your Water Before You Drink It

Water is in a time of flux, and purity is becoming ever more elusive. Put some silver or copper in your water to activate its healing properties. Japanese Doctor of Alternative Medicine Masaru Emoto studied the crystalline structures of water under a microscope, and illustrated how water consciousness affects us. His efforts showed how water that was exposed to loving words produced beautiful snowflake-like patterns, where water exposed to negative thoughts looked dull and pattern less. And now think about how much of our bodies is water, and how much negative backtalk must affect us! Also, hydrogen-rich water increases energy, and hydrating your body in general lowers your total energy intake to increase metabolism, thus making it easier to lose weight.


7 And Have Some Wine or Tequila

These are probably the best forms of indulgence, anyway. Along with chocolate. Tequila has some amazing health benefits, so you won’t have to be completely responsible all the time, and can indulge when you go out without the onslaught of guilt! What you want is 100% Agave Tequila; the sugars in it break down really easily. A shot of tequila has shown to aid in digestion after a meal, help rid someone of a migraine, and even help lower cholesterol over time by breaking down dietary fats. Red wine, on the other hand, contains resveratrol, which reduces the “bad” cholesterol, reduces inflammation, and helps prevent damage to blood vessels.


8 Listen to Your Body, but Don’t Listen too Hard

There’s a culture currently of neurotic workout addicts, who take every second to make their body stronger and better. While this is admirable, it doesn’t have to become the standard. Take it easy on yourself, and know that any workout is better than none. Do what you can. And be strong out there.


9 While You Work Out, Give Yourself Something to Look Forward to


Like an audio-book you can only listen to when you workout, or a particular podcast or playlist. Jog.fm will track your pace and organize your iTunes musical beats accordingly. Audacity offers a free first audio-book. Or make a phone call! Call your mother or best friend. There is a multitude of ways you can get creative while working out. You could play video games on the workout bike, for example. You can also use the life hack of making your playlist as long as your workout, so you don’t feel tempted or worried to check the clock. Music is proven to improve performance, increase your motivation, and reduce distraction – which is a huge benefit of something fun!



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  1. I totally agree with #4. I am reading “Get Serious” and there are a bunch of studies supporting the theory that inflammation is a common theme in every age related disease.

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