7 Good Reasons Why You Must Train Your Forearms

Ah, the forearms or what I love to call as your “grip muscles” – it almost always tends to be overlooked. That’s too bad since a great set of forearms really contribute to your arms’ looks and not to mention strength. Therefore today we will enumerate some of the reasons why it’s important to train your forearms.

Reason One – Forearms strength contributes to more power in most lifts:  

Forearms are the muscles that attach directly to your phalanges (fingers) and to your whole hands. Stronger forearms will lead to therefore being able to do better at any lifts that involve “holding” the weight – which is basically ALL lifts (almost)!


Reason Two – So that your arms will grow:  

Our body somehow has a mechanism that suppresses growth even in areas you always train. Which means that even if you train arms regularly, you will still not see optimal growth with them if you don’t train your forearms, OR YOUR LEGS!!! Seriously!

-The body will always want to balance your growth.


Reason Three – To be stronger at ARM WRESTLING!

There is no better test of manhood than good ol’ ARM WRESLING (besides a gladiator-esque death match). And arm wrestling involves a lot of forearm so if your forearms suck, then you would likely be the one on the embarrassing end of the table.

Lever lifts are one the best exercises to do for forearm strength. You can do it for both sides. (source: armwrestling-supersite.com)

forearms lever lifts

Reason Four – You Can Do Forearms at home:

No you don’t need to extend your arms day up to two hours just to include your forearms; you can actually do forearms at home – no fancy equipment and weights required, which makes it very convenient. You can do it wrist curling a pail of water to failure for three sets, plus the exercises from the arm wrestling site (perfect for conditioning your forearm toughness). Just don’t train forearms before you train your biceps/triceps.


Reason Five – You would not miss training calves:

Forearms are basically your upper arm’s calves and it is just as important to you as calves. And I know very few people who don’t like training calves so why not do the same with forearms?

Reason Six – For Shaking Hands:  

Nothing shouts a sincere handshake than a firm grip, and you can’t do that if you have lame forearms.

Reason Seven – To Look Like Chuck Sipes!

And finally, the most IMPORTANT reason why you’d want to get bigger, badder forearms, because it looks so DAMN COOL!!!

chuck sipes mean forearms


That’s Chuck Sipes, one of the greatest body builders ever. And like the other greats at that time he was also big on doing strength feats like bending steel bars, and stuff like that. And don’t tell me that his 18 inch forearms have nothing to do with that. Till next time, eat your eggs, people!

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7 thoughts on “7 Good Reasons Why You Must Train Your Forearms

  1. Thanks for this, IT.

    One of the best things I’ve found is farmer’s carries with HEAVY dumbbells.

    Send you an email a minute ago about testosterone.

    1. Yup,
      Chins are one of the best.
      But when I do chins I try not to involve a lot of forearms as posible – but it still hits it good.
      The fighting sticks by the way are also perfect for your forearms, and its fun. The thicker the stick, the better

  2. My dad used to be a lumberjack and he had the biggest forearms I’ve ever seen. So I think that forearms really add to the physique

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