Does Lifting Weights Burn Fat

We will answer this question today “Does lifting weights burn fat?”. To be honest; lifting in itself? No. But lifting then gaining muscle? HELL YEAH!

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human fats

Think of your fats as your body’s granary. Remember the Egyptians? Moses opened up the granary to feed the slaves right? “The dead do nothing” therefore he fed the granary supply top the slaves. Same with the body; when the “slaves” are working too hard, too hard that their rations are not enough to feed them (or if the job requires too many slaves) the body needs to play “Moses” and open up the granary for its poor workers otherwise the project would fail because the slaves would die of starvation.

This is a granary by the way

granary fats

So you can therefore compare these projects to a workout and building muscle. The purpose of the workout is to damage the muscles therefore you body gets its “slaves” to repair them but this time strong enough to handle the next bouts of earthquakes (workouts are earthquakes).

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The earthquakes damage the temple so the slave drivers now get the slaves to repair it to become bigger and stronger t resist the next earthquake; but to be able to do that the emperor might need more slaves to finish the work so he needs more food for them? So he has no choice but to feed them.

So generally lifting weights help you burn fat upon recuperation. The body needs extra resources to deal with the stress that the exercise has placed upon the body.

How to Maximize Fat Burning?

So to maximize fat burning with lifting and recovery; you must use the NEGATIVES technique with your workout. CHECK THIS POST. That was an earlier article detailing that Eccentric training maximizes muscle damage, and guess what: muscle damages that follow eccentric contractions basically switches on the DNAs that are involved in burning cholesterol for fuel; So the muscle gains following the repair of the remnants of your Negatives training will come from cholesterol or your FATS.

So if you have ever seriously trained using negatives and OMNI CONTRACTION sets; congratulations! You are burning fat as you sleep because recovery takes place after workout.

So does lifting weights burn fat? Again technically no; but practically yes BUT: you need to lift in a manner wherein you will burn fat which is what we discussed above: using negatives and high intensity techniques.

One more thing; the existence of muscles itself make you burn fat as you breathe, walk, talk, sleep, or do nothing at all. Why? Muscles are metabolically EXPENSIVE up to 300% more EXPENSIVE than normal tissues. So maintaining muscles gained through LIFTING WEIGHTS already causes you to burn more fats.

So those are the ways lifting weights help you burn and lose fats. Eat your eggs people! Leave your comments and suggestions bellow.

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  1. I think that you can burn fat by lifting weight as well as eating certain foods and using certain supplements.

    1. certainly supplements do have a role. Proper lifing with prper diet would still carry more weight and you can even go without supplements

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