100 rep Dips at Home from a Chair – 5 Minutes Chest Blast Workout

I missed a chest workout this week because my shoulders are still sore from the inside because the dynamic tension rotator cuff workout I did earlier this week. It did not help that I did some cleans back on the leg day and some heavy stiff legged deadlifts for hamstrings.  So what I did is a great chest workout at home: “100s dips”.

evan centopani dips

Those sore shoulders are a dead giveaway that I needed to skip chest and back for at least two days from their scheduled workout so that is what I did lest I pop my rotators. Remember that rotator cuff is like a floating joint designed for mobility and it could be very easy to injure that area especially for bodybuilders and power lifters especially if you do a lot of heavy pressing movements.

So since I wouldn’t be able to hit chest (which is my weak part) for at least two days from now – I did some 100 reps dips from our sturdy wooden chair. I did the version where my legs are at a 90 degree angle so that it also worked the abs to a great degree.

If you were wondering how the hell I can do 100 reps – that is not the case literally; it only meant that I completed 100 reps as fast as I can.

How to do 100s?  

Easy – I took a dipping position from a chair and placed my feet at a 90 degree angle (so it’s like they are still on a sitting position) then I did as much as I can in a controlled fashion, contracting the chest for at least 1 second at the top of the move and lowering my body for at least 2 seconds then exploding up.

In my version I did it from the armchair from a sititing position holding the arm rests instead of the seat of the chair. But the chair must be sturdy to be able to do this.

I reached my first failure at the 47th rep then I stopped for 5 seconds then I got into it again. I reached my second failure at 55, then again at 65, 70, then I rested longer (30 seconds) then worked my way up to the 80th rep. Then after that I failed every 5th rep or so until I reached 100 reps and by then I did my best to fight off gravity for the last 15seconds of tension by staying at the same position with a static contraction (since I cannot do any more concentric reps).

After that sh¡t, my pecs are all sore and swollen withpump, then I finished my protein shake, head to the showers then I’m off to work.

That whole thing took me 5 minutes (or less ) and you can also do that to shock any body part that you want at home with any bodyweight exercise. You can do this with:

1) Pushups

2) Chins

3) Upside down pushups (for shoulders)

4) Triceps’ dips

5) Crunches

6) Any other bodyweight exercise

 You can also do this on any barbell or dumbbell (or machine) exercise as a shock technique for a certain lagging bodypart but please don’t do this more than 2 times in a month since you want to focus more on heavier weights that you can do for 6-10 reps.

Has anyone here ever tried 100s before? What was your experience? Please share them below in the comments section. Eat your eggs, people!

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6 thoughts on “100 rep Dips at Home from a Chair – 5 Minutes Chest Blast Workout

  1. Did the one hundred push up program 2 years ago (http://hundredpushups.com/complete.html#sthash.nIwmXWJ5.dpbs). Took about 4 weeks to go from 50 initial push ups to 100. It’s really just a 5X5 program with increasing reps but it was something I always wanted to do. Did it as a split routine on my chest.

    As you noted it’s an isometric program and as a matter of fact I lost about an inch in the chest doing the program.

    1. No – you only do the isometric on the last rep where you want to hold on to the tension.
      Yup as expected you will lose muscle if you do it all the time that is why I recommended in this article that you must only do this as a plateau-breaker like mine when I missed chest and wanted to just give it a blast while at home.
      BTW the hundred push-up program of your brings back memories!
      Back then when we got late for our taekwondo training our master would make us do a hell lot of knuckle pushups, but he didn’t want us resting though..

  2. Wow that was unusual. I just wrote an really long comment but after I clicked submit my
    comment didn’t show up. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that
    over again. Anyways, just wanted to say fantastic blog!

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